Sunday, June 16, 2019

Spring 2019

I would first like to extend a warm welcome all the Tri-Kap alumni who have taken the time to visit their old stomping grounds once again. I hope you have a wonderful time that reconnects you with your brothers (and connects you to some new faces) and brings back great memories from past times. We are always honored to have you stop by the lodge.
Brothers enjoying pizza and the warm weather during lock-in

Spring term is always bittersweet. Though the sun has finally emerged from its long winter hibernation and the days are longer and prettier than they’ve been all year, we are faced with the realization that the seniors—who have been our drinking buddies, teammates, tutors, confidants, role models and, most importantly, friends for years—will soon be alumni and are embarking on the next stages of their lives.
Now that the bitter is done with, we can move on to the sweet. With longer, sunnier days and more free time than any other term, there is so much more opportunity to have fun and enjoy the twilight days of college. Hope they were good ones!
Tri-Kap had a great run in IM softball this term, going undefeated into the finals which we unfortunately lost. We had beaten the team before, but the scheduling during finals period left our dugout spread thin and outnumbered.


In other athletic news, special props to ‘19s Sam Lawhon (Left), Alex Chan (Mid), and Tony DiPadova (Right) for running the Shipyard Marathon in Maine this May.

Though it may not have been the most graceful thing I’ve ever seen the three of you do in recent years, it was still an impressive feat nonetheless.

Montreal, always a highly-anticipated event, did not fail to impress. It was a great time for the brothers to blow off some steam away from campus and strengthen their bonds of friendship, or form new ones.
Colin Shaughnessy 21', David Niedzwicki 21' and Ruben Garcia 21' at a Cigar Club in Montreal

Tri-Kap is known for the diversity of its brotherhood, both in backgrounds and interests.
Special congratulations to David Dick (’19, pictured second from right in the back row) for winning the 2019 NASA BIG Idea Challenge! It was both the first time Dartmouth students had entered, and won, the competition. The team created an innovative design for a greenhouse, called DEMETER, capable of growing food and sustaining a team of astronauts on a possible future mission to Mars.

Equal congratulations must be extended to Kevin Hawlik, Drew Leonard, and Afnan Enayet (as well as anyone else) for completing their senior theses.
Jason Wei (’20) received a Goldwater scholarship, designed to “foster and encourage outstanding students to pursue careers in the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering” and is one of the most selective and competitive programs of its kind, for his machine learning research at DHMC.

Feel free to also tune in weekly to listen to Vamsi Gadde’s (’21) weekly radio show, with some special guest stars (Kerem Kazmirci, ’21).

Of course, Dartmouth isn’t all work and no play. Days and nights were spent hanging out on the beach, barbecuing on the porch, watching movies in the great hall, and other perhaps-less family-friendly activities in the basement. Formal and Green Key were both blasts, and special recognition ought to go out to our tirelessly-working social chairs Raj Chanda (’21, Green Key Photo far left) and Eric Chen (’21).
Brothers during Green Key's Block Party
Formal at Dowd's Inn

Spring term also marked the transition from the 19s executive board to the underclassmen. This transition was made daunting due to many execs taking off terms. Nearly half the positions were interim positions, and Tri-Kap perhaps saw her first interim-interim president. The transition was quite smooth however, due to a talented and committed ‘21s class, who enthusiastically picked up the reigns. Interim-President David Mena (’20) did a great job of holding down the fort and Cris Cano (’20) performed equally as well as Treasurer, both of these individuals having no prior experience in their roles. Alex Crosby (’21) and Colin Shaughnessy (’21), both winter rushes, impressively performed in their new roles as houseman and risk man (respectively). The new officers, as always, were assisted by the now-retired 19s. The 19s have been watching over the house for quite some time now, and I think it’s about time they got some well-earned rest (see President Emeritus Johnny “The Starfish” Emanuel, ’19, below).

As summer term begins, I have no worries that the ‘21s will keep Tri-Kap running smoothly and successfully. They have more administrative experience than any other recent class and are cohesive to the point that they wouldn’t even need it. We look forward to passing on the torch to our ‘21s summer executive board.
Vamsi Gadde
Jake Philhower
Vice President
Alex Crosby
Blaine Grant and Colin Shaughnessy
Raj Chanda and Ruben Garcia
Social Chairs
Danny McClafferty
Risk Manager
Zachary Bilcheck and David Niedzwicki
Programming Chairs
Luis Flores
Philanthropy Chair
Christopher Kartsonis
Academic Chair
Kerem Kazmirci
Jock Chair

Congratulations (again) to the 19s for graduating. You are a great group of guys and I’m proud to be able to call you all my brothers and friends. You will be dearly missed. I have no doubt that all of you will succeed in whatever pursuits you choose and I wish you nothing but the best in life.

Wherever life takes you after Dartmouth, don’t forget about your roots and your friends still on campus. We’ll all be here eagerly waiting for you to visit.

Yours in Kappa,

Zachary Wang (’20)

Sunday, February 10, 2019

19W Update


A chilly hello from the undergrads up in Hanover! Much has happened in the first half of our winter term:

The undergrads are recovering from a great Winter Carnival. We held several fun social events over the weekend to celebrate Dartmouth's 250th winter. We were happy to welcome back Marcus Reid '18, Jerry Peng '18, and Ted Bausch '18, who came up to campus to partake in the big weekend revelries. Additionally, several brothers took advantage of the ample daytime programming, enjoying a trip out to Occom Pond for the annual Pond Party.

The main ice sculpture backlit in cool blue on Winter Carnival Friday.
Brothers skating around on Occom Pond during the Pond Party.
Earlier on in the term, we held our winter rush. The undergrads of Trikap are beyond excited to welcome Colin Shaughnessy and Alex Crosby to our already amazing class of '21s.

Alex Crosby '21.
Colin Shaughnessy '21.
We have had a great (or terrible, depending on your point of view) winter up here this year, with several feet of snowfall and recently frigid temperatures. Several of the undergrads have been greatly enjoying the snow and cold: learning to ice skate on Occom, taking ski trips to local ski mountains, and participating in Club Ski Racing on the weekends.

The Kappa Lodge covered in its winter coat.
Brothers Kevin Hoffer-Hawlik '19 and Brian Schoenfeld '19 learning to skate on Occom Pond.
Brothers Daniel Lein '19 (Bib #44) and Brian Schoenfeld '19 (Bib #45)
participating in a giant slalom ski race at the Dartmouth Skiway.
Beyond enjoying the winter weather and festivities, the undergrads of Trikap have been working hard to give back to the community. Several brothers recently cooked for Students Fighting Hunger, a charity we helped support in the fall and are honored to be able to support on a continuing basis. Additionally, several brothers will be giving blood in an upcoming Red Cross blood drive this week.

Brothers Raj Chanda '21, Alex Crosby '21, Johnny Emanuel '19, Zach Bilcheck '21
Chris Kartsonis '21, Brian Schoenfeld '19, Jake Philhower '21, and Daniel Lein '19
cooking at a local church for Students Fighting Hunger.
Members of the community enjoy a delicious meal cooked by Trikaps for
Students Fighting Hunger.

Finally, several Trikaps sacrificed both body and dignity in winter IM sports. We fought valiantly in IM basketball, but despite several close games, we were unable to come away with a victory. In IM hockey, we were able to battle some stiff competition and fight our way to a 1-2 record, even though several of our players had never skated before. We look forward to hopefully making the playoffs in hockey, but if not, we will have to wait for the spring to claim our IM victories.

That's all for now, stay tuned for an end of term update coming in a few weeks.

Daniel Lein
2018-2019 Vice President

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Homecoming Weekend 2018 and Other Updates


We are quickly approaching the end of fall term, and a lot has happened in the few weeks since my last update:

The undergrads were beyond excited to welcome back dozens of alumni for Dartmouth Night and Homecoming Weekend 2018. It was great to see so many familiar faces from recent classes and to get to know generations of Tri-Kaps past. While the weather was unfortunately uncooperative––Hanover greeted us with ice and rain on Saturday, we were still able to make the best of the weekend by holding a barbecue for undergrads and alumni which was quite well attended. Following the cookout, we held a watch party for the football game (Dartmouth def. Harvard 24-17!) in the Great Hall. Several of our more dedicated alumni braved the elements to watch the game in person––a very committed group, indeed!

Andrew Gutow '86, John Goldman '86, and Greg Smith '85
enjoy the football game despite the nasty weather.
Alums and undergrads enjoyed gathering around 
the Homecoming bonfire this past Friday.
Perhaps the most important part of this update is the Rush Update. This fall, we took a New Member class of 18 fantastic '21s. The new class has enjoyed meeting Kappa men, young and old, over the past few weeks, and they have done a great job learning Tri-Kap’s myriad traditions and values. It is truly a very exciting time for the house, and the future looks bright.

The newest generation of Kappa men: Daniel Diaz, Eric Chen, Hershel Wathore, Zachary Bilcheck, 
Brian Drisdelle, Blaine Grant, Jake Philhower, Daniel McClafferty, Kerem Kazmirci, Vamsi Gadde,
Taylor Armbrister, Luis Flores, Eric Forehand, Rajiv Chanda, David Niedzwicki, Ruben Garcia,
Anoop Nanda, Christopher Kartsonis

In addition to connecting with past brothers, we remain as committed as ever to bonding amongst ourselves. A few weeks ago, during our termly lock-in, we held the annual brotherhood football game, in which the '19s thoroughly routed the '20s and '21s, 49-7.

Zach "The Refrigerator" Wang '20 takes a handoff during the annual
brotherhood football game.

There has also been a high level of involvement in IM sports amongst the brotherhood, most recently IM soccer, where we made it to the playoffs before losing in the quarterfinals. We now look forward to IM football, which will begin next week. The entire brotherhood is also eagerly looking forward to our trip to Montreal this upcoming weekend.

Many brothers have been enjoying the fleeting good weather while it lasts. A handful of brothers spent a recent Saturday climbing Mt. Washington via the Huntington Ravine Trail. The route was a great workout––several stretches were nearly vertical, and it was the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors before the winter weather sets in.

Brian Schoenfeld '19, Alec Pelton '19, and Daniel
Lein '19 at the summit of Mt. Washington after
ascending the Huntington Ravine Trail.

On the philanthropy side of things, Dartmouth recently hosted the annual CHaD Hero race, in which one of our alumni, Joe Minichiello ’17, provided medical support to the runners. Most notably, this past Friday, several undergrads volunteered to help cook for Students Fighting Hunger, a group that helps combat hunger in the Upper Valley by cooking meals for those in need.

Tri-Kap undergrads cooking a meal for Students Fighting Hunger this past Friday.

Additionally, we have been working hard to keep the Kappa Lodge in pristine shape. During our lock-in, the brotherhood participated in Kasa Krew, during which we take on several intense housekeeping projects. This term, we hung the most recent composite and reorganized and cleaned the beach furniture, among other things.

Anoop Nanda '21 cleaning the Great Hall during Kasa Krew.
Our beloved beach cleaned and reorganized.
The 2016-2017 composite, now hung proudly in the entryway.

The final update of this post concerns the addition of the newest member of Tri-Kap. Recently, Cesar Guardiola '19 adopted Lola Hobart, our house dog. Lola is adorable, full of energy, and loves meeting new people, so if you're up in the area make sure you get to say hi!

Lola Hobart––isn't she cute?

That's all for this very long update. If you made it to the end, congratulations! Until next time...

Daniel Lein
2018-2019 Vice President

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

18F Update


Fall term is in full swing, and the brotherhood is as active as ever. The '19s have returned to campus and a (mostly) intact house, and we are beyond excited to be able to bond with our '20s and welcome some new '21s now that the suspension period is over. The term got off to a good start with our Y2Kappa throwback dance party on the first weekend, which was a great success.

Brothers spending time at Trues Ledges on a
warm September day.
Brothers have also been taking advantage of the beautiful early-fall weather and surroundings that only Hanover has to offer. We have been going on several day trips in the area, including to the Trues Ledges area, which has a beautiful creek and waterfalls, which provide a refreshing break from campus on a hot day. Several brothers are also planning more ambitious hiking trips to Mt. Washington in the coming weeks before the weather changes.

Despite the allure of the beautiful weather, the brotherhood remains very focused on philanthropy and academics. Brothers have orchestrated efforts to assist Students Fighting Hunger and the upcoming CHaD Hero race, which benefits the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Additionally, academic talks with professors are in the works, and hopefully we will start the planning process for an academic mixer soon.

Our programming chairs have also been active, as we have held a series of brotherhood barbecues. Nothing is nicer than watching the sun set across campus while enjoying burgers on the front lawn.

Grilling up burgers and hot dogs at sunset.
On the rush front, our rush chairs have been very hard at work re-establishing our presence on campus following the suspension. In the past few weeks, the rush chairs and the brotherhood as a whole have been holding multiple events to better get to know the potential rushees. The culmination of our pre-rush efforts was a brothers-rushees paintball event at AG Paintball this past Sunday. Thanks to generous donations from several alums, we were able to take over twenty brothers and rushees to have a truly unforgettable day.

Brothers and rushees after a day playing paintball at AG Paintball
Leading up to rush, the house will be in full swing making sure that our next generation of Kappa men lives up to the incredible standard of generations past. Alumni who are in the Hanover area this weekend (9/28 and 9/29) are encouraged to come to IFC Rush from 7-9pm at the Kappa Lodge each night. We look forward to seeing some of you up here for rush and/or Homecoming in the coming weeks.

Daniel Lein
2018-2019 Vice President

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mid Summer Update


Towards the end of Spring term, many Tri Kaps were hyping up how great the summer was going to be. Although I did not want to get my hopes up, the summer term has truly gone above and beyond what I could possibly have hoped for. I am excited to share what we have accomplished to better the house and the Dartmouth community at large. We have genuinely grown closer as a class through the many academic, social, philanthropic, and brotherhood events. But before we get into the nitty gritty, please take a look at the most recent pillar to get more information on our recent activities and plans

First some housekeeping items: The summer exec board has taken initiatives to make the house run as smooth as possible and upgrade social spaces. We have begun seeding the grass to keep the front lawn looking clean and full. Additionally, Skyler Perot utilized his artistic skills to paint this awesome piece on the suite door.

On the academic side, Professor Ryan Hickox of the Physics and Astronomy Department invited us to a dinner at his residence, which resulted in a fantastic conversation. In addition to keeping our relationship with Professor Hickox strong, we are also planning an scheduling an academic talk with Professor Kohn from the Economics Department.

Socially, we have had tails with a multitude of sororities. Drew Leonard and Tony Dipadova have been doing a great job coming up with new themes. For our semi-formal with Kappa Delta, we had a 'Red Carpet' theme with a Oscars style banner.

Although all of us have been having a great time, we have not forgotten our mission to better the community at large. We had a 100% participation and volunteer rate for The Prouty, which helped raise funds for cancer research and important patient services at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer center.

The programming chairs have been taking full advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather New Hampshire has to offer. The overnight cabin trip to Nunnemacher, Fourth of July festivities, parents weekend BBQ, and more have genuinely made the summer term stand head and shoulders above any other.

Shebalite and Splendaplum also preformed at the Great Hall for a full capacity performance!

Additionally, we ventured outside of Hanover to the beautiful island of Nantucket courtesy of Daniel Lein and his family. The food and beaches were pure bliss.

Finally, we are planning for Tri Kap's 175th Anniversary, during the Homecoming weekend of October 6-8, 2017. The undergraduates, along with Keith, digitized many interesting historical documents and pictures and a banquet dinner is scheduled for Saturday October 7th. Keep an eye out for more details to come!

Jason Kim
Undergraduate Summer VP