Friday, June 10, 2016

Saying Goodbye


Another spring term has passed, and it's that time of year again. Time for the underclassmen to say goodbye to our beloved seniors. It has been an emotional few weeks for us all, as it is never easy to say farewell to those who have been fixtures in life for the past few years. Not to mention dealing with the stress of finals, looking critically at our budget for the summer and coming year, and continuing to move final elements into the new house. But regardless, we gave the seniors of Tri-Kappa the best send-off we could.

It started with a fantastic formal on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. What better place to come together as a brotherhood one last time than Tri-Kap's go-to formal venue: Lake Morey Resort. The event was well attended by all classes despite proximity to finals period, and all enjoyed the beautiful views, great food, and quality music. Thanks to the social chairs, Chris Loughlin '17 and John French '17 for their work to put the event together. Pictures below.

Josh Schoenbart '16 and date

Brett Szalapski '15 and date

Charles Cai '16 and date

Harrison Han '16 and date

Mir Faiyaz '16 and Eric Chalif '16

Josh Tupler '16 and Keaton Renta '16

Hector Iturbe '16 and date
And of course, keeping with Tri-Kap tradition, the brothers came together for the annual bequests gathering during the first day of reading period. Though the senior class was not particularly large this year, the bequests of Tri-Kap history and the recounting of emotional stories lasted through dinner.

From all of the sophomore and junior brothers, we sincerely wish the seniors the best in their adventures and endeavors moving forward. The brotherhood will miss them, and will honor their memory through carrying on and protecting the traditions of Tri-Kap as they did before us.

The sun sets on 16S and the new house
The brothers in their favorite shirts for the yearly house pic

I am happy to pass on the responsibility of maintaining the Pillar and Shield blog to Abraham Herrera '18, the sophomore summer vice president. I will be back in touch in the fall!

Jeff Lang
Vice President