Sunday, May 08, 2016

Parent's Weekend


As Freshman Year Parent's weekend came and went, the brothers of Tri-Kappa remained as socially and academically active as ever.

Of course, one of the most important social events of Parent's weekend is the annual Pigstick barbecue hosted by the brothers of Alpha Chi Alpha. A large contingent of Tri-Kaps attended, including the group below. Though Tri-Kap is currently awaiting final approvals and permits to become fully open (a process that will hopefully be completed by Green Key Weekend), the brothers have still made a concerted effort to maintain a strong, positive social presence on campus.

Tri-Kaps enjoying the music, food, and spring weather at Pigstick
For two senior brothers, this weekend marked a duo of important academic milestones as well. Brian Chalif '16, a music and computer science double major, performed his senior recital this Saturday. The wide selection of pieces featured a variety of German compositions by artists such as Schumann and Brahms, to beautiful, inspiring selections of Vaughan Williams and Purcell. The performance was fabulous, and well attended by the brotherhood. It was great to see such strong support from the members of Tri-Kappa.

Brian Chalif '16, a bass, entrances the crowd during his senior recital 

This week also marked the finish of a long and arduous thesis project for Josh Tupler '16, a government major, who researched and modeled potential military conflicts between the U.S. and China over Taiwan and the Spratly Islands. He hopes to co-publish his paper, "Perils in the Pacific: Assessing American Air Power Projection Over Taiwan and the South China Seas," in the near future. Josh also has a publication for the World Outlook journal, "Understanding Chinas Commitment to the Conflict in the South China Sea: the Importance of History and Nationalism," forthcoming at the end of the term.

Tupler submitting his thesis a day early
The thesis
The brothers of Tri-Kap look forward to the return of alumni over Green Key Weekend in a couple of weeks. Please reach out if you plan on coming up and are looking for a place to stay!

Jeff Lang

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