Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 4


As always, we hope this blog post finds you in good health and good spirits, wherever you may be.

Before delving into this week's events, a quick construction update: the brotherhood is very excited about the progress of the house. The 2nd floor porch, "The Beach", is well on its way to completion, as is the front ramp that will be instrumental in allowing Tri-Kap to officially open. Daily progress leaves us optimistic about the prospect of being able to host official events in our hallowed halls within the next month.

This weekend was an eventful one, and began with a rewarding philanthropy event organized by Cody Pennypacker '18, our phil chair. A handful of brothers received their phil hours for the term by attending a viewing and discussion of "The Hunting Ground", a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. The film was extremely rewarding, and the brotherhood hopes to employ some of the key lessons from the movie to make our house a safe, secure space on campus. Tri-Kap had the highest participation rate of any Greek house in the event, which we are very proud of.

Brothers Cody Pennypacker, '18, Jake Bayer '16, Eric Chalif '16,
and Ronak Kanwar '17
at the movie showing
Vince Puzak '17 eating Tuk Tuk Thai at the movie showing
 Following the showing, a number of brothers attended a Seder hosted by brother Sam Libby '17 in the GOTE room. I'm sure I speak for all those who attended when I say we cannot thank Sam enough for his work in putting this great event together. Along with traditional food and authentic Seder setup, Sam put a "Tri-Kap twist" on this Seder making brothers of all religions and beliefs feel welcome. We pride ourselves on our diversity and acceptance of others' traditions; and this is just another example of that mantra.

Saturday night saw Tri-Kap's first participation in Collis Governing Board's weekly trivia night, hosted in One Wheelock. A small crew of brothers, including a couple of ex-trivia bowl-ers, answered questions ranging from Kobe to Pixar Films over smooth brews and snacks. We are hoping to transpose this trivia night to Wednesday, when Salt Hill Pub hosts Trivia night.

Brothers at CGB trivia
Finally, today was an IM softball day. Bros arrived at the field early to take BP and infield practice, and man did it pay off during the game. Thanks to a 10-run second inning and solid left field defense by Josh Lange '17, Tri-Kap fended off a comeback from "The Village Idiots" to win 20-14, putting us in prime position for the impending playoffs.

Jerry Peng puffs his way to first base in an attempt to beat out an infield single.

If you find yourself in the upper valley, feel free to stop by or give us a shout via email!

Jeff Lang 
Vice President

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brotherhood Spotlight: Cesar Rufino


To further foster the connection between the many esteemed alumni of Tri-Kappa and the current undergraduates, we have decided to bring back the "Brotherhood Spotlight", a periodic post in which an undergraduate brother shares his experiences, viewpoints, and the role of Tri-Kap in his life. We hope these posts will allow the potential for connection between alumni and undergraduates while yielding a strong sense of the diverse character of the brotherhood of which we are extremely proud. Enjoy.

Jeff Lang, VP


I hope this post finds you all well, no matter where you are. My name is Cesar Rufino and I am a member of the Class of 2018 hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Specifically, I lived in Roger’s Park for the first 18 years of my life, so transitioning to the rural life of Dartmouth was definitely a struggle. I am a Mexican-American first-generation student, and the eldest of 4. I have a 17-year-old sister, a 12-year-old brother, and an 8-year-old brother. As a child, my life was definitely different from those of my siblings, for I was part of my parents’ own transition to life in the United States; they immigrated to this country when they were teenagers. For example, I did not play any organized sports until high school. Fortunately, I cherished my time, and I was Varsity captain of both the Cross Country and Track teams; I ended up qualifying for the state finals in both sports a combined 4 times. 

I am currently one of the Tri-Kap’s three rush chairs and hope to continue to be involved in the house. Outside of Tri-Kap, I am a First-Year Peer Mentor, a Spanish tutor, and am currently involved in the Rocky Global Leadership Program. Most importantly, I have been serving on QuestBridge’s National Ambassador Executive Board for the past 10 months. QuestBridge is a scholarship program that aims to match students from underprivileged backgrounds with elite postsecondary institutions; I was fortunate enough to receive a very generous offer from Dartmouth and ease any financial burden on my father, who is a local residential painter in Chicago. Now, while on the board, I aim to increase applicant numbers and show high school students that there is no ceiling to what they can achieve.

My ultimate goal in life is to provide for my family. They have supported each and every endeavor of mine up to this point, something I am eternally thankful for. On a larger scale, I am currently studying Government because I am very interested in immigration, urban, and youth policy. I want to be able to go back to the city of Chicago and provide for those that need assistance as I did.

Family is the most important thing to me. I always try my best to go home over interim and see my siblings. Whenever I am back in Chicago, I serve as a soccer coach for my 12-year-old brother’s youth squad. I have been a sporadic youth soccer coach for five years now, and hope to continue supporting my siblings in any way possible. Coming to Dartmouth was extremely emotional for me, for I was leaving the foundation and people that gave me strength every day of my young life. On campus, my freshman year was a dark one. However, Tri-Kap eventually became my family away from home and I am proud to consider every one of my brothers as part of the system that motivates me every day. Now, in a new Kappa lodge, our fraternity has the opportunity to grow stronger than ever. I am proud to be a part of this process and look to give everything that I have to the brotherhood for years to come. 

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you would ever like to have a conversation, are up on campus, or visit Chicago. My mom and I will cook you up a mean meal. 


Cesar Rufino ‘18

Friday, April 08, 2016

Move-In Continues


The beginning of this term marks a momentous occasion for the brothers of Tri-Kappa: move-in to the new Kappa lodge at 1 Webster. I'm sure I speak for the entire brotherhood when I say we cannot begin to describe our excitement at both the improvements made to the house and the prospect of making this new space our home. A special shout out to the members of move-in crew, especially Sam Libby '17, Keaton Renta '16, Ronak Kanwar '17, Vince Puzak '17, and Ted Poatsy '17, who worked tirelessly to prepare the new house for its new inhabitants. Also infinite thanks to brother Bruce Williamson whose team has made a huge effort to make the house available to the brothers this spring term. While much remains to be done, progress has continued at a rapid pace, and the brothers look forward to welcoming any and all alums to see the new lodge.

The new basement, waiting for some wall decs
In the midst of move-in, the brotherhood has also been privileged to welcome a new member to the fraternity. Meet Maia Hobart, a black lab pup currently under the tutelage and care of brothers Josh Lange '17 and Josh Schoenbart '16. As Zeus Hobart exits this spring with brother Brett Szalapski '15, the brotherhood looks forward to creating many new memories with this new member of the family.
The new '18s class pong table honoring the old 1 Webster

Maia Hobart
And despite working hard during the day to move into the new Kappa lodge, brothers have still found time to excel around campus. Josh Tupler '16  has recently received the prestigious Fullbright scholarship, and for that the brotherhood congratulates him immensely. Charles Cai '17 came in 2nd in the Cornell Spring Opener golf tournament last weekend playing for the men's golf team. And a large group of brothers represented Tri-Kap at the spring Dance-A-Thon, a 12 hour dance party hosted to support a variety of Upper Valley charities.

Brothers represent Tri-Kap at the Dance-A-Thon last Saturday

We are look forward to keeping all of the alums updated on the status of move-in, and are very excited to welcome brothers to the new lodge this spring.

Jeff Lang
Vice President