Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Check-In

Tri-Kaps have stormed back to campus for the final term before moving into our renovated home at 1 Webster. We've managed to enjoy the fruits of brotherhood by hosting social events at the brothers' off-campus house, at sororities and other fraternities. In the Fall, brothers and their dates turned out for the formal the DOC House on the North end of Occom Pond.

(House in the Fall 2015 - Danny Katz '16)

Transitioning from Fall to Winter has allowed the new 18s to bring additional new members through Winter rush. In addition to our twenty-one men from Fall rush, this Winter we welcomed:
  • Samin Kim '18
  • Sachin Valodaria '18
  • Cameron Isen '18
  • Timothy Connor '18
  • Noe Medrano '18
Now with 18s as rush chairs and other execs, it is nice to see them learning responsibility to prepare for the new house. Working with Bruce Williamson '74 to realize our dream of an improved house is about finish as brothers expect to move into the new house.

(House in the Winter - Anka Tezcan '15)

Seeing tangible progress from the Rockefeller Center for both Fall and Winter rush seemed to have helped increase our rush class for the second straight year. With active brothers spanning four classes, the brotherhood's meetings at Tom Dent Cabin every Wednesday night have been a rowdy time for us to come together as a brotherhood.

(A look inside the new third-floor suite - Bruce Williamson '74)

Let us know if you're coming up for Winter Carnival- February 11-14, 2016.

Look forward to more communication this term from the brothers.