Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Homecoming Weekend 2016


Homecoming 2016 has come and gone, and what a weekend it was indeed! The undergrads had a fabulous time welcoming Kappa brethren young and old back to 1 Webster Avenue.

The week began on Wednesday, with the annual New Member dance as the young men of Kappa opened for the Sheba dance group. The boys were extremely excited for their performance, and, by all accounts, "crushed it". Many thanks to Sydney Wijngaarde '17, the dance captain, for choreographing and coordinating the dance.

The '19s were psyched in preparation for their dance
Thursday and Friday raced by as alums continued to trickle back into our hallowed halls. One highlight in particular was the delivery of our newest Tri-Kap artifact: a marble bench donated by the class of 1960 in honor of their late brother. Many thanks to John Mitchell '60 for the delivery and the imparting of many nuggets of Tri-Kap history. It is always a thrill to learn about the evolution of the house.

John Mitchell '60 and President Ted Poatsy '17 shaking hands over the placement of the new bench
As usual, the homecoming bonfire was burning bright on Friday night, and the Dartmouth community came out in full force to watch. The Tri-Kap brothers were similarly out in full force; some on shift for Dartmouth EMS (Joe Minichiello '17), some receiving awards for athletic achievements (John Lundgren '73), and others just enjoying the tradition (see below). Despite the cold and some raucous behavior by '20s, the fire still burned bright as ever this homecoming.

L to R: Brothers James McKim '83, Marcel Wolff '12, Hector Iturbe '16, and Matt Graves '14

Saturday morning was the culminating experience: a wonderful barbecue put on by the undergraduate brothers before the Dartmouth vs. Harvard football game at 1:30pm. From '67 to '17 and many years in between, brothers of all ages gathered at the house for some barbecue and good conversation. Kevin Kim '15, honorary grillmaster, has the undergrads' thanks for owning the grill during this event.

Alumni and brothers mingling in the great hall

Kevin Kim '15 and brothers at the grill scene

We can't thank everyone enough for their contributions to this fine establishment and for continuing to visit and impart wisdom to the undergraduates as we navigate our Dartmouth and Tri-Kap experiences. A special thanks to Al Forbes '82 who stayed at the lodge for the entire weekend and was generous enough to complete a Black Book session with a variety of brothers and new members. That sort of genuity is a hallmark of the Tri-Kap brotherhood, and we thank Al for embodying that this weekend.

As always, if you are in the area, please do reach out and stop by. 

Oh yes--happy late halloween everyone!

Jeff Lang
Undergraduate VP

Monday, October 24, 2016

Homecoming Week and Academic Mixer

Hello Brethren,

And we're back! My apologies for the lack of posts recently. Senior year remains a busy time in the Dartmouth student's career.

To start with, I bring you all a tale of epic academia--the great success that was our fall faculty mixer. This past Friday, the brotherhood invited a variety of faculty from all departments to the Kappa lodge to enjoy light refreshments and good conversation. As in the past, the event was extremely well received by brothers and faculty alike, including President Phil Hanlon and his wife Gail, who were both present for a good portion of the mixer. Many thanks to our academic chair James Howe '17 for organizing the event. We hope to continue this as an annual or semi-annual event, and hope to expand our attendees to local alumni as well.
New Member James Chartouni '19 chats with a professor
Brothers and faculty mingled in the Great Hall on Friday afternoon 
Secondly, this week is Homecoming, and the undergraduate brotherhood cannot wait to welcome alumni young and old back to the new 1 Webster. Come see the new house, hang out with the newest members of the brotherhood, and reminisce with old friends. The undergrads will be hosting a barbecue at 11am on Saturday before the football game to welcome back our elder brothers. We hope to see you there!

Maia Hobart collecting her fair share of sticks
The new entryway
One instance of the new strip lights that now decorate and populate the house

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or are ever in the Hanover area. We always look forward to meeting our brothers.

Jeff Lang
Vice President

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 1: Welcome Home for the Last Hurrah


We're back. After what sounds like another feasty and fabulous sophomore summer, the seniors have returned to their hallowed halls to begin the final stretch before adulthood finally catches up to us.

We could not be more pleased with the progress that the '18s have made on turning the new house into a new home for the brotherhood. Beach furniture has been fully installed and has turned the space into one of the top evening hangout spots on campus. The basement decorations have gone up as well, and the bottles will be soon to follow. Big thanks to Rob Sayegh '18 and Cody Pennypacker '18 for spearheading those renovation items. Some of the key issues with the house, such as lack of AC in the basement and faulty fire alarms, are also being addressed by the legendary Bruce Williamson and the efforts of the Alumni Board of Directors. In sum, looking good.

1 Webster looking fine on a September morning
The brotherhood is looking forward to hosting and initiating a new class of new members back in our hallowed halls at the end of September. As always, if you are in the area, do not hesitate to reach out or stop by. Your new home at Dartmouth is up and running.

Jeff "The VPrincipito" Lang
Vice President

Friday, June 10, 2016

Saying Goodbye


Another spring term has passed, and it's that time of year again. Time for the underclassmen to say goodbye to our beloved seniors. It has been an emotional few weeks for us all, as it is never easy to say farewell to those who have been fixtures in life for the past few years. Not to mention dealing with the stress of finals, looking critically at our budget for the summer and coming year, and continuing to move final elements into the new house. But regardless, we gave the seniors of Tri-Kappa the best send-off we could.

It started with a fantastic formal on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. What better place to come together as a brotherhood one last time than Tri-Kap's go-to formal venue: Lake Morey Resort. The event was well attended by all classes despite proximity to finals period, and all enjoyed the beautiful views, great food, and quality music. Thanks to the social chairs, Chris Loughlin '17 and John French '17 for their work to put the event together. Pictures below.

Josh Schoenbart '16 and date

Brett Szalapski '15 and date

Charles Cai '16 and date

Harrison Han '16 and date

Mir Faiyaz '16 and Eric Chalif '16

Josh Tupler '16 and Keaton Renta '16

Hector Iturbe '16 and date
And of course, keeping with Tri-Kap tradition, the brothers came together for the annual bequests gathering during the first day of reading period. Though the senior class was not particularly large this year, the bequests of Tri-Kap history and the recounting of emotional stories lasted through dinner.

From all of the sophomore and junior brothers, we sincerely wish the seniors the best in their adventures and endeavors moving forward. The brotherhood will miss them, and will honor their memory through carrying on and protecting the traditions of Tri-Kap as they did before us.

The sun sets on 16S and the new house
The brothers in their favorite shirts for the yearly house pic

I am happy to pass on the responsibility of maintaining the Pillar and Shield blog to Abraham Herrera '18, the sophomore summer vice president. I will be back in touch in the fall!

Jeff Lang
Vice President

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Green Key Weekend


The weekend you all have been waiting for, Green Key Weekend 2016 has come and gone. And what a weekend it was.

The undergraduate brothers were extremely excited to welcome the alumni back to the house. It's always awesome to see a large diversity of classes return from all walks of life to reconnect with old friends, reminisce, and meet the new brothers. We want to thank all graduates who returned for their respect of the many new rules and policies involved in our changing campus. As Dartmouth changes, Tri-Kap must adapt as well, though rest assured that our core values and traditions will always be upheld.

Saturday of Green Key traditionally features initiations and corporations, both of which were a great success this year. The alumni board officially initiated a number brothers, both '18s and some '17s. It was a beautiful thing to witness the persistence of these historically Green Key traditions after a hectic, nomadic year for the undergraduates.

We could not have been blessed with better weather and such a great new space to celebrate the best weekend of the year. The undergrads look forward to continue building strong relationships with our graduates next month during Commencement and Reunions.

Below are some pictures of bros from the weekend. Enjoy.

Jeff Lang

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Parent's Weekend


As Freshman Year Parent's weekend came and went, the brothers of Tri-Kappa remained as socially and academically active as ever.

Of course, one of the most important social events of Parent's weekend is the annual Pigstick barbecue hosted by the brothers of Alpha Chi Alpha. A large contingent of Tri-Kaps attended, including the group below. Though Tri-Kap is currently awaiting final approvals and permits to become fully open (a process that will hopefully be completed by Green Key Weekend), the brothers have still made a concerted effort to maintain a strong, positive social presence on campus.

Tri-Kaps enjoying the music, food, and spring weather at Pigstick
For two senior brothers, this weekend marked a duo of important academic milestones as well. Brian Chalif '16, a music and computer science double major, performed his senior recital this Saturday. The wide selection of pieces featured a variety of German compositions by artists such as Schumann and Brahms, to beautiful, inspiring selections of Vaughan Williams and Purcell. The performance was fabulous, and well attended by the brotherhood. It was great to see such strong support from the members of Tri-Kappa.

Brian Chalif '16, a bass, entrances the crowd during his senior recital 

This week also marked the finish of a long and arduous thesis project for Josh Tupler '16, a government major, who researched and modeled potential military conflicts between the U.S. and China over Taiwan and the Spratly Islands. He hopes to co-publish his paper, "Perils in the Pacific: Assessing American Air Power Projection Over Taiwan and the South China Seas," in the near future. Josh also has a publication for the World Outlook journal, "Understanding Chinas Commitment to the Conflict in the South China Sea: the Importance of History and Nationalism," forthcoming at the end of the term.

Tupler submitting his thesis a day early
The thesis
The brothers of Tri-Kap look forward to the return of alumni over Green Key Weekend in a couple of weeks. Please reach out if you plan on coming up and are looking for a place to stay!

Jeff Lang

Monday, May 02, 2016

Summer Elections Results


Today we held elections for Sophomore Summer 16X. Thank you to everyone who came. Below are the results. Congratulations to all of those who were elected!

President: Jon Schwartz
Vice President: Abe Herrera
Treasurer: Eric Fett
House Managers: Rob Sayegh and Cody Pennypacker
Risk Manager: Matt Vance
Social Chairmen: Elias Bello and Ruben Gallardo
Programming Chairmen: Marcus Reid and Luke Berlinghof
Philanthropy Chairman: Sam Kim
Academic and Sustainability Chairman: Julian Marcu
Jock Chairman: Cesar Rufino


Ted Poatsy '17

Jon Schwartz '18, Summer President
Abe Herrera '18, Summer VP

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 4


As always, we hope this blog post finds you in good health and good spirits, wherever you may be.

Before delving into this week's events, a quick construction update: the brotherhood is very excited about the progress of the house. The 2nd floor porch, "The Beach", is well on its way to completion, as is the front ramp that will be instrumental in allowing Tri-Kap to officially open. Daily progress leaves us optimistic about the prospect of being able to host official events in our hallowed halls within the next month.

This weekend was an eventful one, and began with a rewarding philanthropy event organized by Cody Pennypacker '18, our phil chair. A handful of brothers received their phil hours for the term by attending a viewing and discussion of "The Hunting Ground", a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. The film was extremely rewarding, and the brotherhood hopes to employ some of the key lessons from the movie to make our house a safe, secure space on campus. Tri-Kap had the highest participation rate of any Greek house in the event, which we are very proud of.

Brothers Cody Pennypacker, '18, Jake Bayer '16, Eric Chalif '16,
and Ronak Kanwar '17
at the movie showing
Vince Puzak '17 eating Tuk Tuk Thai at the movie showing
 Following the showing, a number of brothers attended a Seder hosted by brother Sam Libby '17 in the GOTE room. I'm sure I speak for all those who attended when I say we cannot thank Sam enough for his work in putting this great event together. Along with traditional food and authentic Seder setup, Sam put a "Tri-Kap twist" on this Seder making brothers of all religions and beliefs feel welcome. We pride ourselves on our diversity and acceptance of others' traditions; and this is just another example of that mantra.

Saturday night saw Tri-Kap's first participation in Collis Governing Board's weekly trivia night, hosted in One Wheelock. A small crew of brothers, including a couple of ex-trivia bowl-ers, answered questions ranging from Kobe to Pixar Films over smooth brews and snacks. We are hoping to transpose this trivia night to Wednesday, when Salt Hill Pub hosts Trivia night.

Brothers at CGB trivia
Finally, today was an IM softball day. Bros arrived at the field early to take BP and infield practice, and man did it pay off during the game. Thanks to a 10-run second inning and solid left field defense by Josh Lange '17, Tri-Kap fended off a comeback from "The Village Idiots" to win 20-14, putting us in prime position for the impending playoffs.

Jerry Peng puffs his way to first base in an attempt to beat out an infield single.

If you find yourself in the upper valley, feel free to stop by or give us a shout via email!

Jeff Lang 
Vice President

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brotherhood Spotlight: Cesar Rufino


To further foster the connection between the many esteemed alumni of Tri-Kappa and the current undergraduates, we have decided to bring back the "Brotherhood Spotlight", a periodic post in which an undergraduate brother shares his experiences, viewpoints, and the role of Tri-Kap in his life. We hope these posts will allow the potential for connection between alumni and undergraduates while yielding a strong sense of the diverse character of the brotherhood of which we are extremely proud. Enjoy.

Jeff Lang, VP


I hope this post finds you all well, no matter where you are. My name is Cesar Rufino and I am a member of the Class of 2018 hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Specifically, I lived in Roger’s Park for the first 18 years of my life, so transitioning to the rural life of Dartmouth was definitely a struggle. I am a Mexican-American first-generation student, and the eldest of 4. I have a 17-year-old sister, a 12-year-old brother, and an 8-year-old brother. As a child, my life was definitely different from those of my siblings, for I was part of my parents’ own transition to life in the United States; they immigrated to this country when they were teenagers. For example, I did not play any organized sports until high school. Fortunately, I cherished my time, and I was Varsity captain of both the Cross Country and Track teams; I ended up qualifying for the state finals in both sports a combined 4 times. 

I am currently one of the Tri-Kap’s three rush chairs and hope to continue to be involved in the house. Outside of Tri-Kap, I am a First-Year Peer Mentor, a Spanish tutor, and am currently involved in the Rocky Global Leadership Program. Most importantly, I have been serving on QuestBridge’s National Ambassador Executive Board for the past 10 months. QuestBridge is a scholarship program that aims to match students from underprivileged backgrounds with elite postsecondary institutions; I was fortunate enough to receive a very generous offer from Dartmouth and ease any financial burden on my father, who is a local residential painter in Chicago. Now, while on the board, I aim to increase applicant numbers and show high school students that there is no ceiling to what they can achieve.

My ultimate goal in life is to provide for my family. They have supported each and every endeavor of mine up to this point, something I am eternally thankful for. On a larger scale, I am currently studying Government because I am very interested in immigration, urban, and youth policy. I want to be able to go back to the city of Chicago and provide for those that need assistance as I did.

Family is the most important thing to me. I always try my best to go home over interim and see my siblings. Whenever I am back in Chicago, I serve as a soccer coach for my 12-year-old brother’s youth squad. I have been a sporadic youth soccer coach for five years now, and hope to continue supporting my siblings in any way possible. Coming to Dartmouth was extremely emotional for me, for I was leaving the foundation and people that gave me strength every day of my young life. On campus, my freshman year was a dark one. However, Tri-Kap eventually became my family away from home and I am proud to consider every one of my brothers as part of the system that motivates me every day. Now, in a new Kappa lodge, our fraternity has the opportunity to grow stronger than ever. I am proud to be a part of this process and look to give everything that I have to the brotherhood for years to come. 

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you would ever like to have a conversation, are up on campus, or visit Chicago. My mom and I will cook you up a mean meal. 


Cesar Rufino ‘18

Friday, April 08, 2016

Move-In Continues


The beginning of this term marks a momentous occasion for the brothers of Tri-Kappa: move-in to the new Kappa lodge at 1 Webster. I'm sure I speak for the entire brotherhood when I say we cannot begin to describe our excitement at both the improvements made to the house and the prospect of making this new space our home. A special shout out to the members of move-in crew, especially Sam Libby '17, Keaton Renta '16, Ronak Kanwar '17, Vince Puzak '17, and Ted Poatsy '17, who worked tirelessly to prepare the new house for its new inhabitants. Also infinite thanks to brother Bruce Williamson whose team has made a huge effort to make the house available to the brothers this spring term. While much remains to be done, progress has continued at a rapid pace, and the brothers look forward to welcoming any and all alums to see the new lodge.

The new basement, waiting for some wall decs
In the midst of move-in, the brotherhood has also been privileged to welcome a new member to the fraternity. Meet Maia Hobart, a black lab pup currently under the tutelage and care of brothers Josh Lange '17 and Josh Schoenbart '16. As Zeus Hobart exits this spring with brother Brett Szalapski '15, the brotherhood looks forward to creating many new memories with this new member of the family.
The new '18s class pong table honoring the old 1 Webster

Maia Hobart
And despite working hard during the day to move into the new Kappa lodge, brothers have still found time to excel around campus. Josh Tupler '16  has recently received the prestigious Fullbright scholarship, and for that the brotherhood congratulates him immensely. Charles Cai '17 came in 2nd in the Cornell Spring Opener golf tournament last weekend playing for the men's golf team. And a large group of brothers represented Tri-Kap at the spring Dance-A-Thon, a 12 hour dance party hosted to support a variety of Upper Valley charities.

Brothers represent Tri-Kap at the Dance-A-Thon last Saturday

We are look forward to keeping all of the alums updated on the status of move-in, and are very excited to welcome brothers to the new lodge this spring.

Jeff Lang
Vice President

Monday, February 15, 2016

Meet Julie Kalish

The brotherhood has welcomed two house advisers into the fold as part of new requirements for Greek Houses to have a faculty member of each sex help bridge the gap between Dartmouth professors and students while also acting as a valuable resource for guidance. In addition to Roger Ulrich '77, a former Tri-Kap and Ralph Butterfield Professor of Classical Studies, we have Julie Kalish '91 (check out her bio https://writing-speech.dartmouth.edu/people/julie-l-kalish). In order to better introduce her to those of you who haven't been around to take a class with her or attend one of our academic talks with her, her former student, Eric Fett '18, offered to interview her.

Here is the interview that Eric, one of our rush chairs, wrote after sitting down with her:

Hey Alumns, 

I’M EXCITED TO TELL YOU ABOUT OUR NEW HOUSE ADVISOR Julie Kalish. Stemming from the Dartmouth Moving Forward initiative, the college requires every house to have one male and one female house sponsor (or advisor). That advisor is in charge of overseeing house events, connecting Tri-Kap to the larger Dartmouth academic community, and acting as a faculty resource for academic and emotional support. Our female advisor is a member of Dartmouth's Class of 1991 who could never let go of the granite state’s beauty. After growing up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Ms. Kalish’s first college visit to Dartmouth was an inspiring one. Instantly falling in love with Hanover’s spring beauty, she chose to apply early and never looked back. While at Dartmouth, she followed her passions majoring in English and minoring studio art—well basically considering she was two classes away and did not even realize. Her biggest activity on campus was RWIT where she started to develop her passion for teaching. She boasts of living in the Choates before they were decrepit, joining Panarchy because of their inclusivity, artsy nature, and quirkiness, and being affiliated with Casque & Gauntlet her senior year.  After graduating, she did not know what to pursue; she loved culture, she loved traveling, and she loved London. So, she applied and was accepted to University College London graduate school program for English. Eventually, graduate school ended, Professor Kalish, as she would now be known, started working as a TA for writing 2-3 back at Dartmouth. After a year of working, getting a higher degree job and following her dream of becoming a professional puppeteer caused her to leave Dartmouth once again and find work in New York City. A job with Sesame Street was her biggest fantasy. Getting closer to that dream, she worked an unpaid internship at a children’s television workshop while being a personal assistant to a celebrity power couple for some extra money. Eventually, the idea starts to dawn on her that the workshop could not be her end career so she goes back once again to Dartmouth to now teach writing 2-3. At only 26, she was responsible for teaching fifteen Dartmouth students how to properly write and more importantly THINK. She loved teaching but felt that she was a little too young to be a full time professor and maybe a city would be a better social environment. Moving to San Francisco was not as easy as expected, and working as a grant writer in the city for about a year, came to the realization that Dartmouth was her true home and teaching young adults how to critically think was truly her passion. 5 years later, Professor Kalish made the decision that a PhD in English was not the route for her and made the decision to pursue law school to make a difference. A trip to Alaska made her fervent about environmental issues, so she quit teaching for a small time to pursue law school at VLS (Vermont Law School). Post-graduation, VLS gave her an impeccable offer if to come back and build a new program to help revamp the bar passing rate. She knew the school, she knew the system, and she knew the student. She could not refuse. However, shortly after accepting the job, Professor Kalish had a final awakening. What she loved about teaching undergraduates is that they have a fresh mind and are just beginning their professional path. All VLS students are too many student loans deep into not graduating, so sometimes it’s hard to convince potentially out-of-place lawyers that a different path may be more conducive to their success. She ended up quitting her job at VLS, and once again returned to Dartmouth to teach writing 2-3 and 5 while also working in conjunction with the ACLU of Vermont.

I had Professor Kalish my freshman Fall for Writing 5, so I can attest to her kind heart, great teaching skills, and ability to make young adults want to learn. She allows all her students to develop their own right answer as long as they can provide a sound argument as to how they arrived to their own conclusion. I personally grew in ways I cannot express in both my oral and written debate skills, and I credit that to Professor Kalish. She is a soft-spoken woman who will tell you what you need hear to improve. She is a great confidential source for everyone in our house, both in academia and personal growth. I could not be more thrilled to have been given such a great faculty member as our new house advisor.

Eric Fett '18

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winter Rush

Kappa Kappa Kappa welcomed four new members into the class of 2018 this winter: Sachin Vadodaria, Noe Medrano, Samuel Kim, and Timothy Connor.

Sachin studies Economics and Computer Science and is involved with the Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program. As a huge soccer fan, he supports Arsenal FC.
Noe is an Economics major. He plays pickup soccer and poker on campus.
Samuel is a Chem major and is doing research about obesity treatment. He is also in the powerlifting club.
Timothy studies history and classics and writes for The Dartmouth.

Theodore Poatsy ’17 and Brett Szalapski ’15 will help them to smoothly integrate into the house. The ‘18s especially are excited to more members to their class. As a class, they strive to encourage and aid the new winter members to learn our house’s values. Though it will prove to be a challenge with an off-campus house in the brutally cold and snowy winter of Hanover, the new members are determined to become integral parts of their class and Kappa Kappa Kappa as a whole.

As the icy winter term moves along, Kappas await with excitement completion of the new house on 1 Webster. We will still have the off-campus house, which, if filled with ‘18s, could be a unique way to establish closer bonds within the class before sophomore summer. Several ‘18s have already expressed interest in living off-campus house.

For the immediate future, we look on as the Winter new members enjoy learning the spirit of Tri-Kap from the rest of the brotherhood.

-- Rush Chairs
Kent Ueno, Cesar Rufino and Jonathan Schwartz

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Check-In

Tri-Kaps have stormed back to campus for the final term before moving into our renovated home at 1 Webster. We've managed to enjoy the fruits of brotherhood by hosting social events at the brothers' off-campus house, at sororities and other fraternities. In the Fall, brothers and their dates turned out for the formal the DOC House on the North end of Occom Pond.

(House in the Fall 2015 - Danny Katz '16)

Transitioning from Fall to Winter has allowed the new 18s to bring additional new members through Winter rush. In addition to our twenty-one men from Fall rush, this Winter we welcomed:
  • Samin Kim '18
  • Sachin Valodaria '18
  • Cameron Isen '18
  • Timothy Connor '18
  • Noe Medrano '18
Now with 18s as rush chairs and other execs, it is nice to see them learning responsibility to prepare for the new house. Working with Bruce Williamson '74 to realize our dream of an improved house is about finish as brothers expect to move into the new house.

(House in the Winter - Anka Tezcan '15)

Seeing tangible progress from the Rockefeller Center for both Fall and Winter rush seemed to have helped increase our rush class for the second straight year. With active brothers spanning four classes, the brotherhood's meetings at Tom Dent Cabin every Wednesday night have been a rowdy time for us to come together as a brotherhood.

(A look inside the new third-floor suite - Bruce Williamson '74)

Let us know if you're coming up for Winter Carnival- February 11-14, 2016.

Look forward to more communication this term from the brothers.