Monday, July 13, 2015

Brotherhood Spotlight: Joe Minichiello

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived: the undergraduates are bringing back Brotherhood Spotlight for 15X. In an effort to continually improve connections between undergraduate members of the brotherhood and graduates, we will be asking a few brothers to share a little bit about themselves--proudest accomplishments, ambitions, passions, whatever they'd like. We first shine the spotlight on Joe "Mini" Minichiello, a '17 human biology and psychology double major on the pre-med track. 


Cheers from Hanover! My name is Joe Minichiello, and I have lived in Pelham, NH for the last 15 years. Growing up, I loved taking camping trips with my family and spending time in/on the water. I graduated from Pelham High School and also attended the St. Paul's School Advanced Studies Program. I am also a HOBY NH alumnus.

Joe and his sister Kaitlyn are both avid Boston sports fans.

I am the Tri-Kap Risk Manager for the full year and the Academic Chair for 15X. Outside of Tri-Kap, I am heavily involved in Dartmouth EMS as an EMT, CPR instructor, and board member. I have been a UGA in East Wheelock, currently in Gile, and in the Choates starting in the fall. I have also been a mentor in the First-Year Peer Mentors program. To top it off, I'm a TA in the genetics lab and will be a TA in the organic chemistry lab starting in the fall.
 Joe and Brian White '15 at CPR class. 

This past year, I was the Community Training Officer for Dartmouth EMS. When I took over the position, Dartmouth EMS' First Aid and CPR program was operating under DHMC, which was a logistical mess. I worked on a proposal that was passed at the end of winter term for Dartmouth EMS to become its own American Heart Association Training Site, gaining independence and cutting expenses in the process. I am now the Training Site Coordinator for this program, supervising and overseeing the First Aid and CPR program at Dartmouth, which certified 435 students, faculty, and community members in spring term alone. I am the Director of Dartmouth EMS for 15X and will be the Operations Officer all of next year.

Joe in EMS gear with brothers Andy Solares '15 and Keaton Renta '16.

Tri-Kap means a lot to me. In high school, I lost my best friend to brain cancer. At Dartmouth, I began meeting brothers like Brian White '15, Robbie Bhattacharjee '15, Sanders Davis '14, Andy Solares '15, Chris Loughlin '17 and others with whom I began to gain close friendships with again. I loved the genuine brotherhood that defines Tri-Kap and could not imagine having gone to any other house.

Joseph Minichiello '17

In the fall, Joe will be applying to the Geisel School of Medicine Early Assurance Program with hopes of continuing at Dartmouth for medical school. After medical school, Joe hopes to practice medicine either in the Boston area or at DHMC.

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