Monday, June 15, 2015

Spring Term Update


After a long Spring term, we can look back on the last term in our old house with a feeling of pride. The house endured a long winter whose snow lasted well into April.

However, our hallowed halls held on through the winter, thanks in no small part to House Manager of the Year, Will Bollenbach '15. He was able to bring the award to Tri-Kap, filling the shoes of alumni board member Matt Graves '14 as he mentored first-timers George Philipose '15 and Sam Libby '17 throughout the term. While this term was one that held onto our laurels for executives, we came one game (one could even say one inning) short of defending our intramural softball title despite the best efforts of notable competitors Brian White '15, Sam Agler '17 and Kevin Kim '16 while the Master's duo Danny Katz '16 and Charles Cai '16 added key at-bats in the final.

(The Tri-Kap bench eagerly watching softball)

Luckily for the brothers of Tri-Kap, we were able to rally from the defeat the next weekend to enjoy the beloved Green Key Weekend. After days of pong, alumni visits, and concerts, our hallowed hall looked spectacular in the early sunlight of Sunday morning. While alumni filled up our spare couches, spring had finally sprung.

(7 a.m.)

With new, warm weather surrounding us, we enjoyed a Spikeball on the front lawn, playing with our dog, Zeus, and, perhaps most of all, a handful of barbecues. Programming chairs young and old, from James Howe '17 to Josh Schoenbart '16 to Brian Grumka '15 we cobbled together some artery-clogging feasts to stave off finals stress.

(15s Anka, Marty, Robbie, Brian, Brian and Hank prepare food)

Inspired by our passion for grilling, our philanthropy chair, Brendan Krimsky '17 conceived of the Tri-Kap Hotdog Eating Contest. All of the hundreds in proceeds went to the "I Care I Cure" charity dedicated to finding better treatments for childhood cancer. In the first annual competition, the brotherhood's own Kevin Wang '15 ate a hot dog every minute over the seven minute contest, crushing the competitors from Phi Delt.

(Kevin Wang '15 destroying hot dogs and foes)

Sadly, after weeks in the indecisive, unpredictable Hanover springtime, it came time for us to bid the term farewell. While 1 Webster may never be the same exact house after the renovations project, we set out to enjoy the waning time we had in the house as best we could with the fellow men we call brothers.

(At Senior Week meetings, ex-President Anka Tezcan '15 addresses the brotherhood)

Spring term 2015 was the capstone for the many decades we spent at the most recent Kappa Lodge and will never be forgotten in hearts of our brothers. I all the hope in the world for us a as a society and nothing but the best wishes for the outgoing Class of 2015.

(L to R: Kevin Kim '15, Justin Lee '15, Nish Ravichandran '15, Manav Raj '15, Andy Solares '15, Brett Szalapski '15, Kevin Moon '15, Brian Grumka '15, Will Bollenbach '15, Eric Do '15, Brian White '15, Kevin Wang '15 and George Philipose '15)

Yours in Kappa,
Joseph (Jake) Bayer '16