Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Professor Julie Kalish visits Tri-Kap

On March 26th, we hosted professor Julie Kalish ‘91 at our house for an academic talk. Professor Kalish teaches at the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric and is also an expert on constitutional law. Along with her responsibilities at Dartmouth, she recently tried and won the case Hackett v. Town of Franklin in front of the Vermont Supreme court. She and her colleagues on the case were given Jonathan B. Chase Cooperating Attorney Award for their work with the ACLU.

The main topic of Professor Kalish’s talk was the first amendment and its implication for college students, but the discussion covered topics from the recent Hobby Lobby case to first amendment rights of students on college campuses. Brotherhood attendance was strong, and many actively participated with the conversation. Professor Kalish ended up staying within the house and discussing constitutional law with brothers for more than two hours. Here are some pictures of Professor Kalish and of brothers enjoying the talk. We really appreciated the opportunity to talk to Professor Kalish, and hope to have a few more academic events this term!

Professor Kalish speaking to our brothers

A packed house had a great time learning a little bit more about constitutional law


George Philipose '15
Academic Chair

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