Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1st Los Angeles Tri-Kap Reunion

18 Tri-Kaps got together on Saturday, January 11 for a great night at SmithHouse Tap & Grill for our first Los Angeles Tri-Kap Reunion. Thanks to Richard Park ’01, Ed Son ’08, Chris Takeuchi ’09 and Blair Randall ’11 for organizing. The turnout was a great one for a first time event so many miles from Hanover. While many of those Tri-Kaps who attended were graduates from the ‘90s and ‘00s, we were happy to have Bill Danforth ’60 and his wife Joanne join us as well as Greg Pulis ’74.
The group had a great time together reconnecting, sharing stories and meeting fellow Tri-Kaps. Bill shared with us the sad news of the passing just that morning of Tony Rodolakis ’60. Over the years of Tony’s illness, Bill and many of his Tri-Kap classmates routinely visited Tony in Massachusetts together. Bill gave a stirring tribute to Tony and said that he and many of his Tri-Kap classmates were on the phone that morning after news of Tony’s death circulated. Greg was kind enough to lead the group in a verse of the Tri-Kap Marching Song in honor of Tony. All those in attendance received a Tri-Kap coffee mug emblazoned with the Pillar and Shield seal. Everyone had a great time and promised to both get together for future Los Angeles reunions and spread the word to other Tri-Kaps. Look out for upcoming Tri-Kap reunions in your area on the website at

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rauner History Visit

This past Friday, February 14th, the pledges, joined by me (House Historian Matthew Graves) and their Pledge Trainer Scott Nelson, made a visit to Rauner Library to view house artifacts and explore our rich history. It was a great opportunity for all of the pledges to learn about house history through reading old meetings notes and see a number of old pictures. A number of upperclassmen also made the trip with the new members and everyone had a great time. It was particularly interesting to examine the house photos from the late 1800's, which impressed everyone present with the vibrant traditions and history of our house. We look forward to adding in our own memories and contributions to this great society for those a century from now to look back and get the same feeling of connectedness as we do today. 

Matthew Graves '15