Sunday, October 27, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Thank you to everyone who showed up to make this Homecoming 2013 one of the best yet! We had a great weekend of festivities that kicked off early with Homecoming meetings on Wednesday, which featured a surprise early arrival of some '12 alums and an event with Alpha Phi sorority afterwards. The traditional Homecoming shenanigans continued Thursday and into Friday, including a large invite-only event with Kappa Delta sorority and Sig Ep fraternity immediately after the bonfire and a dance party featuring our very own Max Bildner '14 as DJ Nokturnal.

Saturday shifted gears to a more relaxed note to provide some recovery from the previous days' fun. We hosted our Alumni Barbecue and were greatly pleased to see and talk to many alumni and their families throughout the afternoon. After going to the Homecoming game versus Yale, the true competition heated up in the basement with our annual Alumni Beer Pong Tournament. While Saturday marked the end of official events for our Homecoming weekend, we had a great time with all those who stayed into Sunday and made for an awesome way to end Homecoming 2013.

Homecoming is always a time of tradition for Dartmouth and it is no different for us here at Tri-Kap. While the events make for a fun weekend, the alumni and friends who come up to share the experiences (and meet our great new class of '16s) elevate the weekend to the level of incomparable tradition within our brotherhood. With that said, the undergraduates thank absolutely everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to make this Homecoming 2013 great, and for continuing to show how strong and important our brotherhood is.
From Left to Right: Andres Ramirez '14, Will Bollenbach '15, Josh Schoenbart '16, and Derek Leung '14

Aaron Goone