Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Recent Tri-Kap Reunions

Thanks to all those who made it to 1 Webster Avenue during the June Reunions period at the house. We had a great turnout from many classes including the ’68s, the ’69s, the ’78s, the ’83s, the ’88s and the ’08s at the receptions held by the Tri-Kap Board and the undergraduates in the living room.  It was a great time for Tri-Kaps to reconnect with the house and each other and meet fellow brothers.

The ’74s had a large gathering in August at the home of Paul ’74 and Amy Mesches in Westfield, NJ for a reunion 39 years after their graduation.  Paul reports that the get together was spurred by conversations months before among a few ’74s who agreed that they just couldn’t wait until their 40th class reunion in June 2014 to get together.  An impressive showing of 14 members of the Kappa class of ’74 and one ’73 made it to NJ with their spouses.  The group enjoyed a great afternoon and evening around a keg and the Mesches’ smoker, telling old stories, introducing spouses and generally catching up.  Ed Weselcouch even brought photos from their time together at Tri-Kap and Dartmouth in the early ’70s.  Most returned the next morning for bagels and cookies.  Check out the photo of the group at Paul’s house.

Caption for photo:   (kneeling): Steve Larmon, Scott Lewellen. (standing, left to right): Bo Shenberger, Ed Weselcouch, Bruce Williamson, Wayne Whitmore, Kevin McDonnell, Chris Gates, Jody Hodgdon, Bob MacAllister, George Wolohojian, Rick Castello, Paul Mesches, Jay Goebel and Steve Geanacopoulos.