Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer House Improvement

This summer brought about major changes to the physical plant of our fraternity. As most of the brothers of the 2015 Class were living in the house, we grew, more than ever, to appreciate the hallowed halls of our brotherhood.

One major change that took place during 13X was the institution of weekly Friday House Manager Projects in place of our normal lock-in projects. We ended up setting aside 2-3 hours every Friday and several Saturdays for a project that would both involve the entire brotherhood and improve the physical condition of our house.

We began by doing some major yard work consisting of trimming and excising the overgrown hedges on the side of the house and power-washing the bathroom and the beach. The following week, we refurnished the main hall and painted the front entrance (both interior and exterior), giving a fresh, new look to our foyer. Subsequent projects ranged from cleaning up the attic, GOTE Room, and power-washing the kitchen room of the basement. We'd also like to give thanks to brother Jeremy Thibodeau for doing a great job in refurbishing our first floor bar in conjunction with his movie project being shot right here on campus.

The state of the house is slowly improving, and our class has done its best to keep the house lively and presentable for our alums, parents, and visitors. Stop by soon to have a cold drink and offer any suggestions you might have for how we can better maintain and further improve our beloved property here at 1 Webster Avenue.

Yours in Kappa,
Kevin Kim
House Manager

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