Thursday, May 23, 2013

San Francisco Reunion

Thank you to Nannan Hu ’06, Brian Crane ’06 and Chris Ehrlich ’92 for hosting nearly 25 Tri-Kaps from the ‘60s to recent grads at last week’s San Francisco Reunion!  The group got together at Cantina on Thursday, May 16 for a night of food and drinks.  Those in attendance reported a great time, and a desire to continue to get together and engage with Tri-Kap.

 Chris Ehrlich '92 and Dan Crisafulli '87

 Most of the Tri-Kaps in attendance at the San Francisco Reunion

 Jason Kobilka '03, Peter Robinson '79, Peter's son Nico (soon to be Dartmouth '17), Derek Nee '02 and Nannan Hu '06

Nannan Hu '06 and Kenny Ireland '66

Eddy Vaisberg '12, Leonard "Smacks" Chang '11, Jinwoo Baik '11, Adam Merber '10, Sam Kennedy '09

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