Saturday, March 02, 2013

Miao's Local Off-Term

This winter I spent fifteen weeks working at Renesys, a local internet intelligence company located a few minutes north of town. With the new school schedule granting students an extended winter break, I decided to make the most of it and began work a few weeks after enjoying Thanksgiving. While many find Hanover winters miserable and gloomy, these past few months have been a well-needed and balanced combination of work experience, leisure, and relaxation.

On the job, I was immersed in an fast-paced environment that had aspects of both data research and internet monitoring. Live events all over the world had propagating effects that directly influenced our work, ranging from the network outages caused by the Syrian civil war to the opening of a submarine internet cable into Cuba. By analyzing the types of responses that certain devices, such as routers and computers, were returning to our servers, we were able to compile vast amounts of data regarding the structure of the internet. We would then use computing clusters that rivaled the power of those in Thayer or Sudikoff to convert, filter, and produce easily understandable interpretations for clients and further use in data analysis.

Without the lingering burden of homework, I found myself with much more time to hang out with friends, hit the gym, and attend campus events. And while I'm very much looking forward to what spring term will bring me, I'll always consider this term a very successful and meaningful one.

I would highly recommend and encourage any students thinking about off-term options to consider enjoying the benefits and comfort of Hanover while working in any of the region's wide spectrum of industries.

Kevin Miao '14

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