Friday, February 22, 2013

World-Renowned Physicist Visits Tri-Kap

   On Tuesday, the brotherhood had the opportunity to host Dartmouth Professor Marcelo Gleiser for an hour while he discussed his current research with those in attendance. Professor Gleiser is a world-famous physicist who works to popularize science to benefit the whole of humanity. He has written three books on the origins of the universe and has a weekly feature on NPR. 

Professor Marcelo Gleiser (seated right of center), addresses
a crowd of inquisitive Tri-Kaps.

   He came to Tri-Kap to discuss his studies in the realm of theoretical physics and their implications for intelligent life in the universe. For example, his most recent research has been into whether or not our universe is one large simulation -- think The Sims on a universal scale. Turns out there is not really much of a way to prove whether we are or not, so "don't worry about it."
   There was strong attendance by the brotherhood, and every seat was filled as Professor Gleiser answered numerous questions from inquisitive brothers. Even though he eventually needed to rush out to continue his work, his visit left everyone in attendance pondering very big questions for a long time afterward.

Vince Marriott
Academic Chair

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