Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Projector: I hardly even know her!

Last term the brotherhood purchased a projector from Best Buy to replace the TV that was devastatingly broken over the summer. It took two months to get here, but it is now finally installed in the first floor library. The screen measures 106 inches diagonally. That's 8.8 feet or about two times as tall as Paul Wagdalt '13, Tri-Kap's president. For all you technofiles out there, the projector is an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 3D 3LCD projector. We haven't tried the 3D mode out yet but I'm sure it will add a lot of depth to the viewing experience.

But wait, what if the projector is broken just like the TV was? - you must be asking yourself. Well we thought of that, and have made it really difficult to break this one. The projector is tied down in a wooden case mounted on the ceiling, the speakers are at the top of the walls out of reach to most, the receiver is locked up, the screen retracts, and the door to the library has a combo lock, preventing any non-brothers from entering the room. I have also sent many stern emails to the brotherhood about protecting this room.

Anthony Zhao '14 enjoying a RomCom on the new projector.
This projector has helped revive the library and turned it back into a room where you can always expect to find a handful of brothers hanging out. It has already proven invaluable to our house in creating a great space for brothers to bond with each other. From romantic comedies, like the one Anthony Zhao '14 is watching in this picture, to super bowl football games, the projector surely will light the way to a stronger Tri-Kap brotherhood.


Chris Woods '13

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