Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Are Warriors

On Saturday, September 15, five of our brothers (Arun Gomatam ’13, Paul Wagdalt ’13, Roberto Guerrero '13, Jorge Pelaez '13 and Robinson Culver '13) competed in the Warrior Dash race held in Gilford, NH. The Warrior Dash is a grueling 5K race that challenges its contestants to crawl through mud, leap through fire, and conquer obstacles all while raising money to support St. Jude's Children Research Hospital in childhood cancer research. The race pushes runners to their mental and physical limits while they have fun dressing up in costumes and celebrating with the clink of beer mugs. This year, there are over 48 races occurring across the country from SoCal to New Hampshire, attracting thousands of participants in each location.

(L to R: Arun Gomatam '13, Paul Wagdalt '13, Roberto Guerrero '13,
 Jorge Pelaez '13, Robinson Culver '13)

Despite their different levels of physical ability, our five Tri-Kap warriors stuck together as a team, tackling one obstacle after another until they crawled through the final mud pit towards the finish line. The steep uphill slope of the course, in addition to its various obstacles, made it extremely difficult. However, these hellish conditions only made the Dash all the more rewarding when it was finally complete.

After the race, these five celebrated with a meal for champions; giant sized turkey legs and pints. The day’s activities did not end there. The brothers continued their celebration by playing a couple rounds of mini golf at the nearby Pirate’s Cove mini-golf course. All in All, the warrior dash was a great way to challenge ourselves, bond together as a team and give back to a good cause. If the Warrior Dash ever comes to a location near you we highly recommend getting involved.


Paul Wagdalt
Tri-Kap President

Dexter Zhuang

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