Friday, September 07, 2012

The Brotherhood Goes to Montreal

Friday June 20th, Tri-Kap went to Montreal for the weekend. Shown around by our very own Quebecoise Jeremy Thibodeau, we saw the best spots Montreal to offer.

After getting situated in our hotel and a quick tour of the down town we had a big brotherhood dinner at Peel pub, famous for their 10 liter pitchers, before heading to a few clubs to finish off the night.

Relaxing before heading out.

On Sunday we toured the city, taking advantage of Quebec's vibrant cultural scene. First, we find ourselves in the middle of a jazz music festival and after listening to some local bands we decided to check out Montreal's famous China town. After wandering around for quite a bit, we ended up at an old fashioned Canadian diner, where we enjoyed some authentic poutine. After a quick break at the hotel, we spent the remainder of the evening at 737,a club situated on the roof of a 40 floor building with a breathtaking view.

As we return home I look back at another great Sophomore Summer experience.

Yours In Kappa

Max Frenkel
Summer Vice President

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