Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Business Plan Competition Achievements

This past weekend myself and Founder, Delos Chang, won first place and $15,000 at the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network's Business plan competition. The start up, Memeja, is a website devoted to allowing users to share their stories through pictures rather then text. The site features a live feed and a ranking system for the stories you would like to share with the internet and Facebook integration for tagging your friends on an inside joke. We're incredibly excited to have won this competition and are looking forward to our future work on the project.

-Max Frenkel '14

For the business plan competition, I entered a company I have been working on with my friend from UC Berkeley, called Edizen. Edizen matches ambitious college talent with great companies to work on short-term projects. Our vision is a world in which employers judge you for your skills and talents instead of as lines on a resume. We got to the finals of the Dartmouth undergraduate business plan competition and while we did not receive any of the cash prizes, we are excited to move forward with building our company!

-Dexter Zhuang '13

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