Monday, November 12, 2012

Annual Haunted House

On Saturday, November 3rd Tri-Kap hosted its annual haunted house once again.  We had a lot of support this year from APhi, AKA, AZD, EKT, KD, Sigma Delt, Tri-Delt, IFC, and the President’s Office.  Kids from all around the Upper Valley enjoyed face-painting, cookie decorating, bobbing for apples, the haunted house, and many more.  Kids collected prizes and candy while getting to meet brothers and sorority sisters.  There were plenty of brothers helping out, and they were well rewarded for their effort with leftover candy and pizza.  Once again, the event helped bring students closer to the community around us and served to remind everyone that Greek houses have a strong positive impact both on campus, and in the entire surrounding community.

Kyle Bojanowski
Philanthropy Chair

Monday, October 22, 2012

Brothers Go Paintballing

On Saturday October 13th, the brothers of Tri-Kap went paintballing for their first brotherhood event with the newest members of our fraternity, the Class of 2015. The group was large enough to receive personal attention and therefore was able to participate in exclusive events. We played a total of 8 10-minute rounds of paintball including Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, Octagon, and Melee. As is tradition, Brothers faced off against Pledges and were able to welcome the new class with a generous dose of paint. Afterwards, the group stopped by a pizza parlor to relax, dine, and exchange stories about battle scars. The event is our more expensive outing and each brother enjoyed a moment they will be able to cherish for the future. We had a total of 19 participants.

Yours in Kappa,
Parth Kaul
Programming Chair

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tri-Kap Hosts Taal, Pledges, and Sheba

On October 15th, 2012, the newest members of Kappa Kappa Kappa participated in the annual pledge dance, in which they opened up for Sheba and were preceded by the Taal a capella group. Andres Ramirez ’14 spearheaded the event, organizing the performance groups and choreographing the dance for the pledges. After a very close vote on song selections, Birthday Cake (remix) was selected as the preferred dance by the brotherhood. After a week of practicing, the pledges were determined to kill their routine, and they did. With a very packed crowd (with many looking through the side windows because there was no room), Taal, including it's Tri-Kap members Tanay Ganga ‘13, Sanders Davis ‘14, Nate Reznicek ‘14, and Marty Gatens ’15, started the event off with a 10 minute set. After swooing the crowd, the pledges seduced the crowd and transitioned perfectly for Sheba. Overall, it was a very successful event and a crowning moment for the newest class. If you want to see the dance, you can view it here: 

Yours in Kappa,
Andres Ramirez '14
Programming Chair

Friday, October 19, 2012

Semi Formal Fall 2012

On October 13th, 2012 the Brothers of Kappa Kappa Kappa and sisters of Alpha Phi Sorority co-hosted Semi Formal at 1 Webster Ave. The event welcomed guests from all around campus to enjoy a themed evening of dancing and merrymaking.The theme for this term was “made for each other”, implying that couples should go together as things, people or words that complemented each other. The event was a success with fantastic turnout from both the brotherhood as well as Alpha Phi sorority. The brotherhood was able to enjoy a wonderful evening with an entourage of attractive dates as well as socialize with its friends of Alpha Phi and others.

Mike Barile '13 & Aaron Goone '14
Social Chairs

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Are Warriors

On Saturday, September 15, five of our brothers (Arun Gomatam ’13, Paul Wagdalt ’13, Roberto Guerrero '13, Jorge Pelaez '13 and Robinson Culver '13) competed in the Warrior Dash race held in Gilford, NH. The Warrior Dash is a grueling 5K race that challenges its contestants to crawl through mud, leap through fire, and conquer obstacles all while raising money to support St. Jude's Children Research Hospital in childhood cancer research. The race pushes runners to their mental and physical limits while they have fun dressing up in costumes and celebrating with the clink of beer mugs. This year, there are over 48 races occurring across the country from SoCal to New Hampshire, attracting thousands of participants in each location.

(L to R: Arun Gomatam '13, Paul Wagdalt '13, Roberto Guerrero '13,
 Jorge Pelaez '13, Robinson Culver '13)

Despite their different levels of physical ability, our five Tri-Kap warriors stuck together as a team, tackling one obstacle after another until they crawled through the final mud pit towards the finish line. The steep uphill slope of the course, in addition to its various obstacles, made it extremely difficult. However, these hellish conditions only made the Dash all the more rewarding when it was finally complete.

After the race, these five celebrated with a meal for champions; giant sized turkey legs and pints. The day’s activities did not end there. The brothers continued their celebration by playing a couple rounds of mini golf at the nearby Pirate’s Cove mini-golf course. All in All, the warrior dash was a great way to challenge ourselves, bond together as a team and give back to a good cause. If the Warrior Dash ever comes to a location near you we highly recommend getting involved.


Paul Wagdalt
Tri-Kap President

Dexter Zhuang

Friday, September 07, 2012

12X Harris Cabin Trip

After speaking with two visiting alumni about their Tri-Kap experience, in particular their Sophomore summer, the brothers were ready to start their weekend. As we pulled out of the parking lot, officially beginning our cabin trip, I took a moment to reflect on the advice alums saw us off with, "enjoy this, it is the best time of your life.”

Before arriving at the cabin, the brotherhood feasted on a meal of Fajitas, Burritos, Nachos, and numerous Asian dishes.

With our stomachs full, we were ready to start. After arriving at beautiful Harris Cabin, we quickly settled in started lock in. Discussions started with talks about improving the house and fostering brotherhood, with each brother pitching valuable ideas.

 Brothers at attention

As the night progressed, conversation became more relaxed, as brothers' favorite stories and pledge term memories became the topic of conversation. As is tradition, we finished the night by giving each brother a hilarious nickname based off some humorous story or habit they had.

With our class closer than ever and some great memories, the 14 class had an epic experience with this great summer tradition. 

Yours In Kappa

Max Frenkel
Summer Vice President

The Brotherhood Goes to Montreal

Friday June 20th, Tri-Kap went to Montreal for the weekend. Shown around by our very own Quebecoise Jeremy Thibodeau, we saw the best spots Montreal to offer.

After getting situated in our hotel and a quick tour of the down town we had a big brotherhood dinner at Peel pub, famous for their 10 liter pitchers, before heading to a few clubs to finish off the night.

Relaxing before heading out.

On Sunday we toured the city, taking advantage of Quebec's vibrant cultural scene. First, we find ourselves in the middle of a jazz music festival and after listening to some local bands we decided to check out Montreal's famous China town. After wandering around for quite a bit, we ended up at an old fashioned Canadian diner, where we enjoyed some authentic poutine. After a quick break at the hotel, we spent the remainder of the evening at 737,a club situated on the roof of a 40 floor building with a breathtaking view.

As we return home I look back at another great Sophomore Summer experience.

Yours In Kappa

Max Frenkel
Summer Vice President

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Newly Painted Walls

The Housemen are very excited to announce that the upstairs hallways have been repainted, and our invaluable composites now line what we would call some immaculate walls. The House is really shaping up, and we're very happy to have our most treasured and historic artifacts mounted on a worthy backdrop.
Daniel S. Harritt '13
Daniel K. Whalen Jr. '12
House Managers

Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Key Weekend @ Tri-Kap


We're excited to welcome you home to 1 Webster Ave. this year to celebrate Green Key Weekend 2012. Come join us from May 18th-20th (or sooner!) to enjoy great weather, barbecues, brews, a concert, dance party, and many more fantastic events.

On Saturday, May 19th we have the following events planned:

New Member Initiation @ 11:30 AM
Annual Meeting (Corporations) @ 12:30 PM
Alumni Barbecue & Brews @ 2:00 PM

Please let us know if you plan on venturing back to Hanover sooner than Friday, so we can plan accordingly for your arrival.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Daniel C. Krawec '13
Vice President

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tri-Kap Does Relay for Life

On Saturday April 28th, the brothers of Tri-Kap participated in the annual Dartmouth/Hanover Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The brotherhood was very excited about this event. Together we raised $635, adding to the over $40,000 total donated for the relay.

Hundreds of people from Dartmouth and the surrounding community contributed to the event. People arrived at 3 PM on Saturday and walked through the night until 8 AM Sunday morning. Memory bags commemorating lost friends and family lined the track of Leverone Field House and spelled “HOPE” on the bleachers of Memorial Field to remind all of the participants why we walk. The survivors’ lap motivated everyone by demonstrating that our efforts do make a difference and save lives every day. Thank you to all of the brothers who walked and contributed, and thank you to everyone in the community who helped make a profound difference in the lives of others by participating in Relay for Life. 

-Kyle Bojanowski '14 
Philanthropy Chair

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Graves in DC

This past winter I lived in Washington D.C. and worked full-time as an intern for Senator Scott Brown (R-MA). As a Government Major this was a great opportunity to gain experience and insight into public sector career paths.

In addition to standard office tasks such as answering phone calls and sorting emails, I worked for the Senator's legislative aides on government affairs, energy, banking and tax policies. I also had the opportunity give tours of the U.S. Capitol Building to constituents, and on occasion, even walked the Senator's dogs. All in all, it was an incredibly valuable and enjoyable off-term. I am excited to be back on campus and looking forward to a great spring term.

 -Matt Graves '14

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tri-Kap Celebrates Easter

Saturday, April 7th Tri-Kap held its annual Easter Egg Hunt. Over 50 kids from all around the Upper Valley came to enjoy face-painting, egg-dying, games, candy, prizes, a moon bounce, and of course the egg hunt. With the help of APhi, AZD, Tri-Delt, EKT, SAE, and Sigma Delt, GLC, IFC, and the President’s Office, Tri-Kap hosted the event from 2-5 on the front lawn. Also thanks to EBA’s for advertising and donating gift cards as prizes for the kids.

Nearly all of the kids (and eventually brothers) tried out the moon bounce before moving on to the other stations where they turned eggs into masterpieces and were transformed into cats and dogs by the skillful face painters. There was plenty of candy to go around between the eggs, prizes, and piƱata, leaving all of the kids happy and full of energy.

A large portion of the brotherhood helped out setting up, coordinating, and cleaning up the event. They even got to enjoy some leftover pizza and try out the moon bounce once all of the kids were exhausted. Overall, the whole event was a big success, bringing fun and excitement to the surrounding community and continuing to demonstrate the benefits that Greek houses can bring not only to the school but to the community as a whole. We hope that all of the kids enjoyed the event and thank them for the chalk drawings that continue to decorate our sidewalk with color.

Yours in Kappa,
Kyle Bojanowski '14
Philanthropy Chair

Valentini Saving Lives

Brother, Nick Valentini '13, was recently honored in an online article about Dartmouth's EMS service. See below for the full article:

"If you experience a medical emergency on the Dartmouth campus, Nick Valentini ’13 might be the first responder coming to your aid. An undergraduate double-majoring in biology and government, Valentini is one of 50 volunteer members of the student-run Dartmouth Emergency Medial Services (EMS). "

Source: "Dartmouth Now"


Daniel C. Krawec '13

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Business Plan Competition Achievements

This past weekend myself and Founder, Delos Chang, won first place and $15,000 at the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network's Business plan competition. The start up, Memeja, is a website devoted to allowing users to share their stories through pictures rather then text. The site features a live feed and a ranking system for the stories you would like to share with the internet and Facebook integration for tagging your friends on an inside joke. We're incredibly excited to have won this competition and are looking forward to our future work on the project.

-Max Frenkel '14

For the business plan competition, I entered a company I have been working on with my friend from UC Berkeley, called Edizen. Edizen matches ambitious college talent with great companies to work on short-term projects. Our vision is a world in which employers judge you for your skills and talents instead of as lines on a resume. We got to the finals of the Dartmouth undergraduate business plan competition and while we did not receive any of the cash prizes, we are excited to move forward with building our company!

-Dexter Zhuang '13

Sunday, April 01, 2012

NYC Reunion A Success

On March 22, 2012, about 55 brothers, ranging from guys who graduated in the ’60s to recent graduates and current undergraduates on spring break, came together for the first Kappa Kappa Kappa New York City reunion in recent memory. Brothers traveled in from throughout New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and farther for this special gathering.

The 3rd floor private space at Hurley’s Saloon in Midtown served as the perfect venue as we shared stories, laughs and beers and reconnected with each other and the fraternity for over three hours. Everyone was pleased with the great turnout (especially the bar!) and happy to see so many old and new faces. I was happy to report to the crowd that the Tri-Kappa spirit is alive and well with our young alumni and the undergraduates. It was also readily apparent to me that the same is true with the brothers in attendance from the ’80s, ’70s and ’60s. Many brothers expressed a desire to have another NYC event in the near future and to continue them on a regular basis. We hope to see even more brothers next time!

Special thanks to Shawn Hiner-Leamon ’09, Peter Cucchiara ’06, Mark Perez ’02, Sam Braverman ’88, Sean Wilson ’80, Jon Rabinowitz ’74 and Ed Williams ’64 for helping to rally the troops. Look for information about future regional gatherings and gatherings in Hanover coming soon.


Michael Brasher ’10

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Best and the Brightest

The Brothers of the Kappa Kappa Kappa Society are proud to report that during the winter 2012 term, they bested every other fraternity on campus in terms of average GPA, and a majority of the sororities and other greek houses too. This suggests that Tri-Kap is the most intelligent fraternity at Dartmouth with an average GPA of 3.53/4.00. The statistics also indicate that 31 of the 49 active members logged a GPA greater than 3.5/4.0 and zero members scored below a 2.0. Moreover, the average for all undergraduate students during this term was 3.45.

Due to Andrew Lohse's recent allegations toward SAE fraternity and the Dartmouth Administration, the Greek System, and more specifically Dartmouth fraternities, have received a great deal of unwanted attention and criticism, damning the system as unnecessary, hostile, and barbaric. However, that 50% of the Greek Organizations outscore the Dartmouth undergraduate average and unaffiliated student average (also 3.45) indicates that Greek Life may benefit ones academic performance and promote scholarliness.

We're forever proud to be Dartmouth's first truly literary society.

For more statistics, view the full report:

Daniel C. Krawec
Tri-Kap Vice-President