Friday, December 09, 2011

Lock-In 11F

On Saturday, November 12th, Tri-Kap enjoyed its termly Lock-In, with events that reinforced our tightly-knit and lively brotherhood.  Lock-in kicked off with an epic football game between brothers and pledges, which provided some great competition and the brothers ultimately emerging victorious.  After the match, the brotherhood feasted on choice dishes from Big Fatty's such as pulled pork, ribs, and corn bread, as well as pizza and fresh cider.  While enjoying our spread, brothers hosted a forum for discussion topics regarding both crucial short term and long term issues, that mainly focused on ensuring the protection, stability, and longevity of our home's beloved hallowed halls.  Finally, to cap off Lock-In, we staged our usual mock meetings, in which pledges had the chance to experience a small taste of the pleasures and responsibilities that await them upon becoming a brother; the brothers on the other hand, had the rare and nostalgic opportunity to once more experience the bittersweet pleasure that is pledge term.  The brotherhood continues to foster our bonds through enjoyable events and experiences such as these, as we both  simultaneously uphold our timeless traditions and also look towards the future. 

Yours in Kappa,
Johnny Yoon '13
Programming Chair

Some Brothers, Pledges, and Hamilton pose for a photo after the game