Monday, October 10, 2011

New Table!

One of the most cherished traditions in Tri-Kap is the yearly pong table every class builds each Summer, leaving a bit of themselves behind for future classes. The '12s class are no different, although we may have procrastinated just a bit. The '12s class recently installed our Sophomore Summer pong table. While a little tardy, Hector and I recently put the finishing touches on the table, and with the help of Max David '12, George Bahena '12, and Robbie Moss '12, we mounted the table last Saturday.

It's been a hit with brotherhood and Friday lines on A-table are in the double digits. We plan on converting the '09s table, which was formerly on A-table, into a movable table and I expect we will get years of enjoyment from both.

Marcel Wolff '12