Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Former Bolivian President Visits Our Hallowed Halls

In the midst of their sophomore summer, the ’13 Tri-Kap Brothers received a special guest into our hallowed halls on Tuesday as the former President and Supreme Court Justice of Bolivia, Eduardo Rodriguez Veltze, came to speak to the brotherhood. President Rodriguez is currently spending summer term at Dartmouth as a Montgomery Fellow and teaching a seminar on "The Rule of Law in Latin America."

During the discussion, President Rodriguez explained his unusual rise to the presidency, the perks and hardships of being the leader of a nation, and his views on economic and political development in Latin America. Needless to say, the brotherhood was extremely honored to host such a distinguished guest and learn from his interesting and insightful talk.

We thank President Rodriguez for his time and wish him a great rest of the term in Hanover.

Yours in Kappa,

Donghan Zhao ’13
Academic Chair

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