Saturday, August 27, 2011

11X Programming

This summer, brothers and their guests have had the opportunity to go on numerous adventures and trips with the help of planning from Programming.

On Saturday, July 2nd, Tri-Kap 13’s ventured to the ledges to enjoy the 3-day weekend and the sunshine. Upon inheriting the Sophomore Summer list of things to do, passed down through many Tri-Kap generations, we decided to start off Summer right. It was a treacherous journey down the stream of mini-waterfalls, filled with agile maneuvering (read: flopping into the water), bruises, and good times. A rescue mission was also undertaken to rescue a tire found at the bottom of the stream. Robinson, Jorge, Chris, and Will took it upon themselves to transport the tire up the waterfalls and back to Tri-Kap to use as a tire swing for our front lawn. Every adventure needs a medic of course. With less than 5 steps between Tanay Ganga and the shore, he had a nasty slip, causing a cut that required the assistance of our resident EMS, Nick Valentini.
The journey ended at the Mobil gas station in West Lebanon with everything getting together at the Chinese restaurant like one big happy family.

On Saturday, July 16, Tri-Kap 13’s went on another adventure, this time to Union Village Dam, which is located 20 minutes away from campus in Vermont. Although worried at first that we were lost, we eventually found a great spot on the river near the dam to spend our afternoon at. Brothers and their guests enjoyed jumping off of big rocks into the cool water, sliding down nature-carved chutes, and just enjoying relaxing under some beautiful summer weather.

In addition to planning more events like this term’s Slip ‘N Slide with APhi and Movie and S’mores night with Kappa, we plan to start next term off strong with more Programming adventures to come.

Will Tong
Dexter Zhuang
Programming Chairs

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Former Bolivian President Visits Our Hallowed Halls

In the midst of their sophomore summer, the ’13 Tri-Kap Brothers received a special guest into our hallowed halls on Tuesday as the former President and Supreme Court Justice of Bolivia, Eduardo Rodriguez Veltze, came to speak to the brotherhood. President Rodriguez is currently spending summer term at Dartmouth as a Montgomery Fellow and teaching a seminar on "The Rule of Law in Latin America."

During the discussion, President Rodriguez explained his unusual rise to the presidency, the perks and hardships of being the leader of a nation, and his views on economic and political development in Latin America. Needless to say, the brotherhood was extremely honored to host such a distinguished guest and learn from his interesting and insightful talk.

We thank President Rodriguez for his time and wish him a great rest of the term in Hanover.

Yours in Kappa,

Donghan Zhao ’13
Academic Chair