Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 Reunions!

The 2011 reunions we’re a smashing success! The house was crawling with over 50 younger alums (’06 and prior classes) that came back to our hallowed halls in order to relive the Kappa experience. A handful of older alums, a couple of ’81s and a number of ‘86s, also stopped by to share a story or just say hello. James McKim ’83, Sunil Bhagavath ’03, Matt Brown ’05 and Nannan Hu ’06, were all up as representatives of the Alumni board.

Amidst all the celebration, the brothers came together during an impromptu meetings in order to address the need to improve the physical plant of the house. In particular, our very own Richard Park ’01 organized a reunion pong tournament with the purpose of raising funds for future renovations. The champions were Sung Cho ’01 and Phil Lee ’01 (above). The tourney not only raised over $2000 but also generated great interest among other classes who seek to hold similar events in the near future. I feel confident that the Board and brotherhood in general will stand united as we continue forward with the renovation process.

Hopefully next year's reunions will have the same energy as these had! Until then, I encourage anyone who has an opportunity to make the trip to come out and visit!


Paul Wagdalt '13
Summer President