Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The end of the Spring is always a bittersweet time for Tri-Kap. Although it marks the conclusion of yet another successful term at Dartmouth, it also means we must bid farewell to our graduating seniors. To commemorate this event, we had our annual spring bequeathal ceremony for the 11s this past week.

The brothers all gathered around as the 2011 seniors bequeathed some of their most valued positions to the younger classes. Each bequeathal had both a special memory attached to it it along with a reason for giving it to the younger brother. The bequeathed items ranged anywhere from an old house shirt to a special house position that brother had acquired. Bequeathals are undoubtedly one of the most important things we do as a house.

Our halls were filled with both laughs and tears as the seniors reminisced about their time as a Tri-Kap brother. The 11s further gave words of wisdom to the younger classes about how to truly appreciate and get the most out of the house. Although they now move beyond our hallowed halls in order to leave their mark on the world, their legacy has forever been established among us. So congratulations to the 2011 Tri-Kap graduating class! We will miss you dearly.

Yours in Kappa,

Paul Wagdalt '13
Social Chair

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