Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bathroom Improvements

Summer term 11X has begun and the Tri-Kap ‘13s have hit the ground running. House managers Deep Shah and Dan Krawec are pleased to announce the completion of Spring Term’s bathroom renovations of our sinks and countertops. We’ve added new double-door oak cabinets, a white laminate countertop, white sink basins, silver Grohe faucets, and a white shelf.

Not only is this improvement a long-awaited enhancement for brothers, but also a godsend for the many female friends who frequent our hallowed halls. In fact, one visitor reported, "surprisingly, Tri-Kap has one of the cleanest bathrooms of any frat! Have you seen AD's?!"

We’d like to express our gratitude toward Dave from Dave’s Carpentry who organized and completed all of the woodwork for the project, and ARC Mechanical for the plumbing work.

As you may notice, we’ve also tried modernizing our bathroom with a new automatic paper towel dispenser and foam soap dispensers. Take a look at some pictures below:

Dan Krawec '13

House Manager


Anonymous said...

What about the stall and shower??


Marcel said...

Hey Chen,

We redid the shower floor earlier this year and plans are underway to redo the bathroom stalls in the break between the summer and the fall.

All the best,