Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brotherhood Gives Back

The brothers pose for the camera before the relay

On Saturday, May 14th, brothers donated their time by attending the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, an event that allows communities around the world to commemorate those who have battled cancer. At the Relay, teams camp out overnight and take turns walking a track. Every team needs at least one member walking the track at all times in recognition that cancer never sleeps.

We arrived to the event with a team of 15 members, making us the house with the highest on-site participation of all Greek organizations. Brothers walked several laps with townspeople, fellow Dartmouth students, and cancer survivors to help combat the disease.

Fundraising for this event started last term with the determination of Wei Zhou ’12, who initiated the early involvement and interest in the relay. Because of his contributions, we raised over $800 by the end of winter term. Since then, we managed to raise over $1300 through personal donations and grilled cheese sales. Our efforts placed us first of the fraternities with the most funds raised and second of all Greek houses.

A special thanks to the following for their contributions: Mike Barile ’13, Alec Brodsky ’11, Steven Kadish, Cameron Sharman ’11, and Wei Zhou ’12

- Christian Mgbonyebi, Philanthropy Chair

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