Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tri-Kaps around the World

"Though 'round the girdled earth they roam; Her spell on them remains"

While most of the brotherhood are enjoying their spring in Hanover, 3 intrepid Kappas have decided to travel farther afield to further their education.

Following in the footsteps of fellow brother Jorge Palaez ’13 during winter term, Dong Zhao ’13 is exploring all that Paris has to offer by participating in the French FSP (Foreign Study Program) trip this spring. During the program, students are expected to improve their French language skills, and learn about French culture, history, and art history by immersing themselves in the city and its sights.

Rumours that Dong has been also taking classes on the "language of love" have not been proven

Closer to Hanover, Nick Valentini '13 is on the Government FSP in Washington D.C. He's interning with the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Office of Policy, coordinating national policy decisions for the administration as well as working with Congressional officals to create and refine laws that will affect NOAA and our jurisdictional operations. Besides his work for the Federal Government, he is also taking 2 upper-level government seminars with Professor Winters as part of the FSP.

That's actually a green screen.

I myself, am on the Argentina FSP, in Buenos Aires, the "Paris" of South America. Similar to the course of study in Dong's program, I have been improving my Spanish, while learning about Argentine literature, history, and culture. The people of Buenos Aires are very friendly, and my new amigos are always willing to show me the best place to eat a steak, dance the tango, or have a drink. I have been enjoying the sights of the city, and making sure to spend some time in the beautiful pampas of Argentina.

Yours in Kappa,
Marcel Wolff '12

A Modern Day Gaucho

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