Monday, August 09, 2010

Legendary Tri-Kap Returns to Our Hallowed Halls

The brothers of Tri-Kap had a special treat on August 4th. One of our most famous brothers, Nick Lowery '78, returned to the house for a discussion. Nick Lowery was an All-Pro kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs and is currently a motivational speaker, who travels across the country for numerous philanthropic efforts. Brother Lowery spoke to the house about his time at 1 Webster, his years in the NFL, life lessons he wished to share, and his current interests. The brothers were deeply moved by all Brother Lowery had to offer.

The Brotherhood attentively listens to Nick Lowery

Not only did Nick speak to the brothers, but he also came to meetings that night. He was a great sport, participating a great deal and leading the house song. After meetings, he also showed us how pong was played during his time at Dartmouth. He certainly has not lost his form, playing just as well as he did during his Sophomore Summer when he won the inaugural World Championship of Pong.