Friday, September 24, 2010

Cool Runnings

On a sweltering August day this past summer, four of our brothers took to the byroads and hills of Hanover and the Upper Valley for the 5th Annual CHaD (Children's Hospital at Dartmouth) Hero Half Marathon.

13.1 miles was as nothing before the bull-like stamina of Team Fly-Kap. Having trained for weeks and consumed copious amount of wheat-based products in preparation, brothers Jerry Watchman '11, Conrad Whitaker '11, Jack Wang '11 and Tomi Jun '08, coursed over the granite of New Hampshire like the Spring's first thaw.

Brother Watchman, a former varsity cross country athlete, finished in a cool 1:32:33, 7th in the 20-29 age group. Overall results can be found here.

Jerry Watchman leaves them in the dust

Tomi Jun strides along

Conrad Whitaker barrels through

Jack Wang bounds across the finish line

All told, Team Fly-Kap raised just over $300. This amount was matched by the Positive Tracks Challenge Grant, pushing Tri-Kap's contribution over the $600 mark.

Tri-Kap brothers demonstrate once again that they are above all in both strength and heart.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Legendary Tri-Kap Returns to Our Hallowed Halls

The brothers of Tri-Kap had a special treat on August 4th. One of our most famous brothers, Nick Lowery '78, returned to the house for a discussion. Nick Lowery was an All-Pro kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs and is currently a motivational speaker, who travels across the country for numerous philanthropic efforts. Brother Lowery spoke to the house about his time at 1 Webster, his years in the NFL, life lessons he wished to share, and his current interests. The brothers were deeply moved by all Brother Lowery had to offer.

The Brotherhood attentively listens to Nick Lowery

Not only did Nick speak to the brothers, but he also came to meetings that night. He was a great sport, participating a great deal and leading the house song. After meetings, he also showed us how pong was played during his time at Dartmouth. He certainly has not lost his form, playing just as well as he did during his Sophomore Summer when he won the inaugural World Championship of Pong.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Read All About It: Retired Professor Tells All

Last Monday, the House hosted retired Dartmouth professor Jere Daniell, who gave a lecture on the history of the Greek system at Dartmouth.

Daniell entertains brothers and guests with stories about days of yore

Over pizza and apple pie, Daniell, an Alpha Theta '55, regaled brothers and pledges with tale of playing pong and "Hums" competitions while providing a comprehensive overview of the trials and triumphs of the Greek system at Dartmouth. According to Daniell, the Greek system is the strongest it has been since the '50s, and he's confident that because of the current administration's positive views of the Greek system and current student's leadership abilities, it will remain to be strong for years to come.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Elections for 2010-11

We recently held elections for the tenure of Spring 2010-Winter 2011

Saagar Kaul '12 argues why he'd make a good rush chair

The back of Leonard Lewis '10's head and some deliberating voters during elections


So, without further ado, we'd like to congratulate to our new executives!

Cameron Sharman '11, President-Elect, likes his girlfriend almost as much as Greek organizational administration

The only problem with Michael Abendroth '11, Vice President-Elect, is that he cares too much

Sonny Kung '11, Treasurer
Marcel Wolff '12 and Jinwoo Baik '11, Housemen
Max Yoeli '12 and Michael Joseph '12, Social Chairs
Kenneth Wang '12 and Eddie Vaisberg '12, Programming Chairs
Maxwell David and Saagar Kaul '12, Rush Chairs
Wei Zhou '12, Philanthropy Chair
Alec Brodsky '11, Academic Chair
Travis Whitfield '12, Jock Chair

We also elected Allen Zhang '10 and Ben Burke '12 as our interim housemen for Spring 2010.

Winter Rush

Our Winter Rush was a success!

We have three new excited members:

"Lean on me, when you're not strong": Dan, Juan, and Aki

Aki Onda '12
Juan Gonzalez '12
Daniel Whalen '12

Monday, January 18, 2010


Today we celebrate the work and life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

This day is especially relevant to Tri-Kap historically. Dr. King visited Dartmouth in 1962 and gave a speech entitled "Towards Freedom" in Dartmouth Hall 105. Afterwards, he came to our house for a reception. Tri-Kap was chosen because, as a local fraternity, we had a diverse brotherhood that was not restricted by most national organizations' strict segregation policies.

After the reception at 1 Webster, Dr. King famously stated: "Well, that's the best KKK meeting I've ever been to."

The full transcript of his speech can be read here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Matt Brown at the Dartmouth Relays

We had the pleasure of seeing Matt Brown '05 compete in the Dartmouth Relays today, Sunday January 10 as a shot-putter.

Matt embraces Eric Larson '10, Michael Brasher '10, and Andrew Jean-Louis '09 at Leverone Field House

He came in third place!

Matt winds up to hurl

We offer our sincerest congratulations to Matt as an exemplar of post-graduate athletic excellence.

Enjoy this video of Matt's incredible toss at the Relays. Way to place, Big P!