Friday, October 30, 2009

Wiz Khalifa and the Homecoming Dance Party

The brothers of Tri-Kap put on the best homecoming party of recent memory last week; rapper Wiz Khalifa, an up-and-coming performer from Pittsburgh, graced out Kappa stage for a full-fledged concert right in our living room.

Wiz Khalifa entertains the crowd

Blair Randall '11, a.k.a. DJ Kemmik, opened, showing off some of his amazing talent.

D.J. Kemmik gets ready to rock the party

Afterwards, Kemmik was DJ for the three-hour dance party that followed. Needless to say, it was a very sweaty and very successful affair.

Jamie Schlosstein '11 holds back the papparazzi and adoring fans from mobbing the stage


Saturday included a reception for all visiting alumni, who were able to stop by, have a snack, and mingle by the fire with current undergraduates. Our most esteemed guests included Tri-Kaps John Mitchell '60 and Tom Cutter '62, who regaled brothers with stories of a clean house and good furniture.

Expect more to come from our multi-talented brothers!


Zachary Gottlieb '10
Vice President

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