Wednesday, May 06, 2009


First off, apologies must be made for the tardiness of this blog update, which has long been overdue. Our termly Lock-In was this past weekend (or rather, two weekends ago), beginning on a beautiful Saturday morning when the entire brotherhood peregrinated to a lush soccer field about a mile from campus. While certainly some of us were less than ecstatic about the early rising and the interruption of the usual grace period needed to recuperate from the previous night's revelries, the smell of freshly cut grass and New Hampshire's curiously fresh morning air quickly awoken us to eager anticipation of the day's activities. Nature's own coffee and hangover cure. With an ample supply of bottled water and enough sports paraphernalia to make any teenage kid deliriously content for a day, we quickly set up games of kickball, soccer, and capture-the flag.

Michael Brasher '10 seems titillated at the thought of taking off his shoes.

Alec Brodsky '11 is ready for some baseball. Too bad his shirt suggests otherwise.

Andrew Jean-Louis '09 (front), Adam Merber '10, Joseph Pena '10, and Samir Mehta '10 scrimmage around.

Islam Fayed '10 at bat in our game of kickball.

After a fun-filled day at the soccer fields, we returned to the house and ate our fill of BBQ pork and steak catered by a nearby Big Fatty's. Following the delicious, and might I add, manly, meal, we partook in our long-practiced Lock-In tradition of the Lock-In discussion, where much insightful banter was exchanged regarding the future direction of the house. This was followed by yet another important tradition: the Ryder Cup competition, between the 09's, and the 10's and 11's. After a heated contest, the underclassmen emerged triumphant, and the upperclassmen, though dignified in defeat, rest assured knowing that the legacy of pong excellence will continue.

In other news, it has been six days (and counting) since Tri-Kap has been clean and probation-free. To celebrate this newfound freedom, our social chairs, Cameron Sharman '10 and Michael Abendroth '10 have loaded the upcoming weeks with many events that we are all eagerly anticipating. Stay tuned for more updates!

Your Tardy But Hardy Blogger,
Allen Zhang '10

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