Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Carnival Update

Despite the herculean effort by Zachary Zehner '09 and the countless man hours poured in by the brothers of Trikap, this year's Winter Carnival snow sculpture came tumbling down hours before its unveiling. Citing global warming and structural instability as the reasons for the sculpture's premature demise, the snow sculpture planning committee, spearheaded by our own Zach Zehner, valiantly redoubled its efforts--lest the old traditions fail--and created... the mound. Or mounds. Humps? Though its interpretation requires a certain critical laxity, the spirit lived on through everyone in the Dartmouth community who came out to celebrate and support Winter Carnival, structural instability and all.

Alex Spinoso '08, a true Son of Dartmouth, stands atop the Mound and
bellows his support for the spirit of Winter Carnival

Our dance party on the Friday night of Winter Carnival, cK Bold Moves, was a smashing success. Of the five large campus parties thrown the very same night, the Trikap dance floor was by any measure unsurpassed.

Our dance floor packed with Carnival merriment.

A rather bold poster designed by Allen Zhang '10

Our DJ's Chris Takeuchi '09 and Andrew Sloan '09 do their thing, while Shawn Hiner-Leamon '09 looks on, evidently very excited about the playlist

Another shot of the dance floor. Dan Choi '11 (front and center) thoroughly enjoys himself.

We had a number of alumni, both young and old, as well as current off-campus undergraduates, visit this weekend. Most notably, Peter Curran '81 and his son Alex played an epic series of pong on Saturday night, unabashedly trouncing a number of worthy opponents and showing the current brothers how it was done back in the day.

And speaking of old (relatively) alumni, a few brothers had lunch with Roger Ulrich '77, current professor in Classics at Dartmouth, at Molly's today. He regaled us with Trikap lore of old, and we shared a mutual, yet uneasy laugh about black balls and 'Ghetti night. For many of us, it was still much too soon.

Professor Ulrich was sure glad to see fellow Trikaps on campus!

We have our quarterly Lock-In this coming Saturday, 2/21. As always, stay tuned for updates!

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