Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paintball, Probation, and Programming

After much prodding by regular blogger Zachary Gottlieb '10, I have heeded the call to arms, taken up the pen--or the keyboard, as the case may be--and revive the humble Trikap blog with a flourish of rhetorical gesticulations, sassy innuendos, and sensibly deployed double entrendres, all in keeping with the stylistic choices of aforementioned blogger. But enough about us! There have been much hustle and bustle among the brotherhood of Kappa Kappa Kappa since the last blog posting that simply must be covered:

On Saturday, the 7th of February, the brothers of Trikap and the ‘09 winter pledges embarked on our annual winter paintballing trip to OSG Paintball in Concord, NH. As you may or may not know, paintballs used in the winter are of a thicker, stiffer sort than the garden-variety paintballs. After many rounds of valiantly waged gun battles between the brothers and the pledges, the embattled combatants found themselves bruised and battered, scarred with splotches of orange and green—but dignities still intact. The OSG guy revealed to us that we were the first fraternity this year to play winter "hard"ball and praised us for our rugged machismo, admittedly, not a compliment that surprised any of us.

Among the top performers of the day were Alex Spinoso '08, whose wild firing-while-somersaulting hit many an unsuspecting pledge; Zachary Zehner '09, whose unnervingly deadly accuracy further confirmed his future as a RAF fighter pilot; Pledge 1 (Waheed Zarif '11), whose uncanny familiarity with the ins-and-outs of urban warfare left many of us slightly perturbed; and Pledge 6 (John Burden ’11), who, through unabashed underhandedness, shot three brothers (including Yours Truly) in a matter of five seconds through a crack in the floorboards, leaving Leonard Lewis ’10 with a sizeable bump on his neck that resembled a grotesque, puckered hickey.

When the brothers and the pledges weren’t busy shooting each other, they rested around a warm and cozy OSG fire pit, warming their frigid toes, cleaning their battle wounds and regaling each other with tales of heroism and glory. It was a day well spent—and a day that will be well remembered, through the welts and bruises left from the paintballs, through the valor and merriment on the field, and through the pictures of various action shots the OSG guy took for us (which I promise to upload later, replete with snarky commentary).

In other news, this past week-and-a-half has seen the brotherhood of Trikap at the dark, abysmal moment of college probation. But—no more! As of today, President Andrew Jean-Louis ’09 announced that Kappa Kappa Kappa is no longer on probation due to “procedural error” and “additional factual evidence,” which is excellent news for our Trikap alumni visiting for this year’s Winter Carnival (which is this weekend, February 13th). The events leading up to our triumph over Dartmouth’s Organization Adjudication Committee could be seen in an article in today’s D.

Trikap’s brief brush with the law was of course in ample anticipation of today’s Know Your Rights program, featuring attorney at law and Dartmouth Alum George Ostler, who presided over a spellbound audience and informed us of our legal rights if we were to ever tangle with S&S or the Hanover police during our less-than-glamorous moments. There was a big draw from the rest of campus as well as a big turnout from the brotherhood. Between the abundant portions of C&A’s pizza and the hefty legal edification, there was much chewing (over) to be had by all.

We have our second dance party of the term, CK Bold Moves, this Friday, February 13th. Stay tuned for updates and pictures!

Your Humble (Interim) Blogger,

Allen Zhang ‘10

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