Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Locked In; Killing Sprees

A headline to match the yellow-ist of journalism! Or perhaps a pithy synopsis of the entire Saw franchise.

And speaking of Saw, one thing we saw this past Friday were the gruesome slayings of various genetically altered supersoldiers and their alien counterparts amidst comically accentuated announcements of "Killing Spree!" and "Double Kill!" in our first annual Halo tournament, organized by Andrew Oppo'11 and Phil chair Joseph Pena '10. And, as per always, the promise of laser gun battles combined with the spirit of competition drew a disporportionate crowd from males, ages 18 to 24, which netted us a tidy sum that we summarily donated to some charity. Sumptious!

Our living room packed with tournament hopefuls.

Still going!

In other news, Saturday was Lock-In. A friendly game of basketball--the pledges lost miserably--preceded our termly Lock-In discussion. The brothers talked about everything from the possibility of getting a new dog, to the prevention of theft from happening in the house, to respect for the brotherhood and the gentle reminder of the existence of tribunals. On a more sobering note (albeit one that many of us immediately tried to correct after the discussion), we discussed the plans for renovations and brainstormed ideas for ways we could all individually save money for the house.

Finally, some congratulations are in order for two of our brothers for their election onto the Inter-Fraternity Council. Zachary Gottlieb '10 was elected IFC President, and Joseph Pena '10, was elected IFC Vice President of Service. Two beers!

Your Humble Scrivener,
Allen Zhang '10

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