Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Men of the Pillar,

We are pleased to welcome six "new members" to our beloved society this winter rush. Winter Rush was deemed a success, with more potential rushes coming out to meet and greet brothers than ever before. As per usual, 1 Webster Ave. was in tip top condition and the first time we had a "formal" event on our newly redone living room floor. Without further ado, now presenting to the Kappa Kappa Kappa Society...

Steve "Two-Timing" Amrhein '11
John "Dwight" Burden '11
Jacob "Big Jacket" Kim '11
Sonny "Smiley" Kung '11
Waheed "RPG" Zarif '11
Suk Joon "Ed Son" Lee '11

Pledge Trainers for the term will be yours truly and Dexter Mackie KKK '08.

Timothy Leung KKK '09