Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Unbroken Lock-In: Also, we're Floored!

Your humble blogger apologizes for the poor titular puns.

Lock-In was held this past weekend, November 8th. We started the day with the brotherhood tackle football game, in which the brothers soundly trumped the pledges, 4-1. Luckily, we had no injuries, except for the wounded pride of our new members.

Afterwards, brothers and pledges alike enjoyed a bounty of grilled BBQ food, and as it grew dark we all assembled in the G.O.T.E. room for our house discussion.

After our constructive discussion about brother-brother communication, our members participated in house meetings, which culminated in general revelry that went into the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday morning, our new members and winter pledges joined older brothers for a delicious breakfast as Ft. Lou's ("which was on the house," said our visibly upset treasurer). Breakfast was followed by an invigorating hike of Mt. Cardigan, which they scaled with athletic ease.

In other news, the pledge project for the term has been a smashing success. They have stained and coated the living room floor, and it now has a beautiful red oak sheen. The floor looks entirely new, and we applaud our new members' efforts.



In a sadder development, the brothers of Tri-Kap suffered a traumatizing loss in the IM soccer finals to FC Compton, a team entirely comprised of people not actually from Compton, LA. Although we wear the badge of defeat, we continue on the long, arduous journey of life, steeled against gloom, callous to shame, only embracing the warm glow of Kappa camraderie.

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