Sunday, November 02, 2008

Soccer Victory, Part Deux!

Special Playoff Update Series, Part II of III

In a contentious victory, Tri-Kap defeated the behemoths of Theta Delta Chi in this week's Intramural semifinals, 2-1.

During this very rough, physical game, several proto-fights erupted which were quickly quashed by the less incensed players of both teams. The referee will most likely never be allowed at TDX ever again, although his judgments were fair and balanced.

Zachary Gottlieb '10 defends the goal from an approaching TDX wing

Tri-Kap scored its first goal on a penalty kick after a slide tackle trip in the box. Theta Delt answered with a penalty kick of its own after a near-goal trip. Tri-Kap ultimately won, though, with a goal independent of penalty shots.

Now we look to the finals, where we will face the AD-vanquishers, whose name escapes your humble blogger and our IM captain at this moment.

Till Monday, To Kappa Forever!

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