Sunday, November 16, 2008

Formally Fun

Our fall term formal was a great success!

The event started at the house, where brothers and their dates assembled for photo opportunities and some social mingling.

The '10s dressed to the nines

The majestic entrance to the Hartness House

Afterwards, all 108 of us took a half-hour bus ride to the Hartness House, in Springfield VT, whose halls were already decked with myriad holiday decorations.

Teddy Sinsheimer '10 and his date smile for the camera in front of a Christmas tree

Dinner was served immediately, and all of the guests jumped on the opportunity to partake of a sumptuous buffet feast.

Michael Brasher '10 and others finish up dinner before hitting the dance floor

The dance floor, adjacent to the dining room, soon opened up for intense dancing, led by DJ Chris Takeuchi '09.

The dancing is contagious

And while many of the details are too personal to be shared in a public forum, this was certainly a memorable night for everyone who was able to take part.

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