Sunday, November 02, 2008

Community Building "Spooky," "Scary"

Kappa Kappa Kappa Fraternity, in what will become a perennial community tradition, hosted the 2nd annual Halloween Community Festival on Webster Avenue this past Friday, October 31.

Our programming chairs, Andrew Sloan '09 and Adam Merber '10 worked with Philanthropy Chair Joe Pena '10 to create an event that brought in hundreds of people from Hanover and Dartmouth. This well-coordinated affair involved several different Greek organizations, as well as involvement from Town Hall. Webster Avenue was shut down for the three hour event, and locals and students of all ages were invited to participate in myriad Halloween-related activities.

Beta, which has recently been reinstated at Dartmouth, hosted apple bobbing and a beanbag toss at their exquisitely kept physical plant. Phi Delt invited students to carve up as many pumpkins as they could (several dozen ghoulish pumpkins remain on 7 Webster's porch and balcony), while 99 Rock gave out saccharine goodies for eager Trick-or-Treaters who have a sweet tooth and a penchant for contemporary hard rock.

Moses fails to part the crowds in front of the house

The best house, by far, however, was our own. 1 Webster brimmed with children of assorted ages, drawn by our many activities. Our front lawn was home to a gigantic inflatable bouncy castle, which gave Hanover mothers an outlet for their hyperactive children's excess energy. Next to the castle, we provided passersby and guests with delicious snowcones, a chilling reception for the ensuing darkness and unrelenting frigidity of the Hanover winter.

Our bouncy castle watches over several costumed brothers

A costume contest was held inside our entrance foyer, as guests in all garbs vied for the envied prize of copious amounts of candy.

But all this paled in comparison to our Haunted House, which occupied our basement. A thorough renovation transformed our much loved microcosm of pong into a dark, dank world of unspeakable terror.

Guests entered through our rear door, passing spider webs (some real, some fake) and the skeletal remains of pong paddle handles broken on our back steps. Down into the dark dungeon they went, guided by a pledge in a skeleton mask, towards the unknown recesses of a monster's lair. But alas, a giant spider on a thread of its own making (a pulley system devised by our President Andrew Jean-Louis '09) shocked the arachnophobic with its fatal dance!

Into the middle room our guests crept warily to find a gravestone at the head of a lifeless body--- or so they thought. This fetid corpse (Sean Lee '11) soon came alive and screamed, to the sounds of pledges behind the bar hitting the walls with the concussive power of tortured souls. To the last room our shell-shocked guests crawled, only to see a pledge being murdered by his own brother, while another jumped from underneath A-table to strike fear into the hearts of the huddled masses.

Then we gave them candy by the stairs.

One local Hanover resident called it "spooky," while another called it positively "scary." One girl convulsed in tears; she could not be reached for comment. We considered her grief a necessary externality of a successful haunted house.

All in all, it was a fantastic event, and more evidence of our house's commitment to community service.

In that vein, several brothers joined together on Sunday, November 2, for the "Out of the Darkness" suicide prevention walk, a large event planned by brother Jude Chiy '10. This event was a great success, and his efforts clearly deserve praise and admiration from the brotherhood.

Andrew Sloan '09, the one of the organizers of the event, serves up a delicious snow cone.

Our pledges do their best to scare our guests, hopefully not something we do on a regular basis!

Timothy Leung 09, and Shawn Hiner-Leamon '09 share a laugh on the Kappa lawn after working hard all afternoon.

The lines were packed with both Dartmouth students and community members wanting to experience our haunted house.

Bobby Sakurai 09, judges the costume contest as Shawn Hiner-Leamon '09 and Valentino Wong '10 discuss logistics in the background.

Until tomorrow (the soccer finals),

Zachary Gottlieb '10, overdramatic blogger
Timothy Leung '09, kappa paparazzo

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