Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tri-Kap Hosts Hundreds

Our founders' contemporaries throw it down

Last night, Tri-Kap invited the entire campus to come see the Dog Day Players, an improvisational comedy group, and Sheba, a hip-hop dance troupe, to perform in our living room. Hundreds showed up to watch.

John Malanga '07's dog managed to sneak onto the Dog Day show (ironically), and managed to double the laughs from the audience.

Dog Day gets laughs from a discerning Dartmouth audience

Our new members surprised everyone with their own dance, to the tune of N*Sync's "I Want You Back," which thrilled everyone present. They have pretty good moves, just like Philbrick, Hobart, and Nash.

(L to R) Blair Randall '11, Conrad Whitaker '11, and Henry Yan '11 strut their stuff

(Center to R) Tanaka Mhambi '11, Alec Brodsky '11, and Travis Whitfield '11 make it work

The night was capped off with Sheba's titillating hip hop performance, which received a deafening roar from all of our entertained guests and brothers.

Sheba (including Dexter Mackie '08!) dances it up

Overall, it was a great programming event, thanks to the efforts of Dexter Mackie '08, our Sheba ambassador, and of course our programming chairs Andrew Sloan '09 and Adam Merber '10.

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