Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soccer Victory!

Special Playoff Update

Tri-Kap's unstoppable soccer team cruised to victory in a 4-2 ousting of the poorly named "Soccer Team" in the Dartmouth College Intramural Soccer quarterfinals yesterday.

While we did allow two goals, these were most likely a result of our decision to mix up the field with new positions for some of our usual starters, and some new starts for some of our reliable bench warmers.

Goalie Eric Padegimas '09 makes an amazing save over an opposing forward as teammate Tanaka Mhambi '11 looks on

Our victory was tarnished, however, by unsportsmanlike conduct by the other team. A flagrant handball went ignored by "Soccer Team's" perpetrator, and his team's name will be etched in the Annals of Ignominious Play for all time.

This puts us in a good position to seize the Intramural trophy, as we look forward to taking on more experienced teams in next weekend's semifinals and finals.

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