Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tri-Kap Hosts Hundreds

Our founders' contemporaries throw it down

Last night, Tri-Kap invited the entire campus to come see the Dog Day Players, an improvisational comedy group, and Sheba, a hip-hop dance troupe, to perform in our living room. Hundreds showed up to watch.

John Malanga '07's dog managed to sneak onto the Dog Day show (ironically), and managed to double the laughs from the audience.

Dog Day gets laughs from a discerning Dartmouth audience

Our new members surprised everyone with their own dance, to the tune of N*Sync's "I Want You Back," which thrilled everyone present. They have pretty good moves, just like Philbrick, Hobart, and Nash.

(L to R) Blair Randall '11, Conrad Whitaker '11, and Henry Yan '11 strut their stuff

(Center to R) Tanaka Mhambi '11, Alec Brodsky '11, and Travis Whitfield '11 make it work

The night was capped off with Sheba's titillating hip hop performance, which received a deafening roar from all of our entertained guests and brothers.

Sheba (including Dexter Mackie '08!) dances it up

Overall, it was a great programming event, thanks to the efforts of Dexter Mackie '08, our Sheba ambassador, and of course our programming chairs Andrew Sloan '09 and Adam Merber '10.

Soccer Victory!

Special Playoff Update

Tri-Kap's unstoppable soccer team cruised to victory in a 4-2 ousting of the poorly named "Soccer Team" in the Dartmouth College Intramural Soccer quarterfinals yesterday.

While we did allow two goals, these were most likely a result of our decision to mix up the field with new positions for some of our usual starters, and some new starts for some of our reliable bench warmers.

Goalie Eric Padegimas '09 makes an amazing save over an opposing forward as teammate Tanaka Mhambi '11 looks on

Our victory was tarnished, however, by unsportsmanlike conduct by the other team. A flagrant handball went ignored by "Soccer Team's" perpetrator, and his team's name will be etched in the Annals of Ignominious Play for all time.

This puts us in a good position to seize the Intramural trophy, as we look forward to taking on more experienced teams in next weekend's semifinals and finals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After an amazingly crowded dance party on Homecoming Friday, pledges and brothers worked for hours into the early morning to make sure the house sparkled for visiting alumni.

On Saturday, all Tri-Kap alumni were welcomed for a reception at 1 Webster after the homecoming football game.

A house barbeque was accompanied by an outdoor bar, tended by Matthew Brown '05, who taught pledges about excellent mixology and house history. James McKim '83, Board of Trustees Chair, made sure to meet the new brothers and show everyone plans for house renovations.

The event was an unmitigated success, and alumni and new brothers alike were made to feel at home.

Clearly, Kappa Kappa Kappa, with its infusion of new members and supportive alumni, is thriving.

Our brotherhood of more than 80 now looks forward to the future with unprecedented vigor and plans for a new era in Tri-Kap's improved physical plant.

Brother James McKim, KKK '83 imparts his knowledge

Matt Brown, KKK '05 tends the Kappa Bar

President Andrew Jean-Louis '09 having a laugh with Brothers Eric Larson '10 and Alex Borland '10

A Kappa gathering through and through

A little liquid courage...

Our pledges being educated in the ways and traditions of fair Kappa

1 Webster Ave.

Yours in Kappa,
Zachary Gottlieb '10 (blogger)
Timothy Leung '09 (photographer)

New Members

22 New Members are now a part of Kappa Kappa Kappa:

Alec D. Brodsky
Andrew J. Oppo
Cameron B. Sharman
Jack W. Wang
John R. Mackay
Michael D. Abendroth
Tanaka L. Mhambi
Travis H. Whitfield
Conrad J. Whitaker
Tan Chen
Blair A. Randall
Jinwoo Baik
James M.H. Schlosstein
Henry X. Yan
Joseph M. Garagliano
Leonard M. Chang
Sean T. Lee
Trent E. Carden '10
Daniel S. Choi
Tyrell Jim
Jeremiah M. Watchman
Daehyun An

This excellent group of gentlemen hails from all parts of the nation, with diverse backgrounds and campus involvement. We now that this solid group will become a fantastic addition to our fraternity's storied history.