Tuesday, August 05, 2008

An Exciting Week

What a week!

Today, Tri-Kap celebrated its third consecutive victory in intramural softball over SAE (11-5), which puts our team in the semifinals!

Zachary Gottlieb, Andrew Jean-Louis, Jude Chiy, Jon Adelson, Michael Brasher, Daniel Wiebicke, Adam Merber, Eric Larson, Teddy Sinsheimer, and Eric Padegimas made a great team!

At 6 PM, Fieldstock started off with a tug-of-war competition among teams. Tri-Kap's team, "We Are Warriors," made it to the semifinals.

Tonight, the brotherhood welcomed Shebalite, the school's most popular dance group, to perform in the living room. It was a huge success, and the living room has never looked more clean or more crowded.

A large group of brothers are leaving tomorrow for Montreal, where they'll be seeing Radiohead perform in Parc Saint John-Drapeau. It will be our summers most ambitious programming event, and the brothers are looking forward to a fantastic trip.

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