Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two weeks of fun!

After blogger messed around with our account information, I was finally able to sign back on and post!

The past two weeks have been chock full of great programming events, and ended with a fantastic Lock-In.

On August 6, 13 brothers took a trip to Montreal to see Radiohead play at Parc Saint-Drapeau. The concert was fantastic, and Tri-Kaps followed it with a night at a dance club on Rue Saint-Laurent. Although it was a short stay, it was well worth the drive and expense.

On the Intramural sports front, Tri-Kap lost in the playoffs of soccer to the poorly named "Soccer Team." This motley crue of unaffiliated students may have one, but we boast a stronger sense of brotherhood.

Tri-Kap also succumbed to a strong Heorot intramural softball team, who beat us 3-2 in the semifinals. Although we didn't win any summer sports, we had very solid teams in every match.

Our Lock-In was held at Nunnemacher Cabin this past Saturday night. Brothers trekked up the mile-long trail up the Skiway to a wooden haven nestled in the wilderness. Over a roaring fire, brothers discusses important house issues and managed to unwind as night set in. They enjoyed campfire hot dogs, smores, and whatever else they could carry up the hill. After some guitar-playing and campfire games, Tri-Kaps hit the hay in the quaint cabin. Luckily, there were mattresses.

Yilong Jin '10 with our axe for splitting firewood.

Trouble starting the fire.

The lock-in discussion.

Nighttime revelry.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

An Exciting Week

What a week!

Today, Tri-Kap celebrated its third consecutive victory in intramural softball over SAE (11-5), which puts our team in the semifinals!

Zachary Gottlieb, Andrew Jean-Louis, Jude Chiy, Jon Adelson, Michael Brasher, Daniel Wiebicke, Adam Merber, Eric Larson, Teddy Sinsheimer, and Eric Padegimas made a great team!

At 6 PM, Fieldstock started off with a tug-of-war competition among teams. Tri-Kap's team, "We Are Warriors," made it to the semifinals.

Tonight, the brotherhood welcomed Shebalite, the school's most popular dance group, to perform in the living room. It was a huge success, and the living room has never looked more clean or more crowded.

A large group of brothers are leaving tomorrow for Montreal, where they'll be seeing Radiohead perform in Parc Saint John-Drapeau. It will be our summers most ambitious programming event, and the brothers are looking forward to a fantastic trip.