Monday, July 28, 2008

A Busy Week

The parents of '10 brothers were warmly welcomed at our family reception this Friday. Afterwards, some intrepid fathers got a chance to play some pong and embrace what some regard the most important sport at Dartmouth.

As you can see in this picture of Teddy's father, skill is clearly genetic. The same goes for the undefeated Gottlieb team (below).

In other brotherhood news, our softball team had an AMAZING doubleheader yesterday. In the first game, a last-licks rally took the game into extra innings against AXA, who succumbed to the superior offensive momentum of our team. 9-6 Trikap.

Here's our fantastic team:

Adam Merber
Teddy Sinsheimer
Connor Heinrich
Andrew Jean-Louis '09
Zachary Gottlieb
Michael Brasher
Jon Adelson
Eric Larson
Danny Wiebicke

The next game, against Psi Upsilon, was a battle of the first fraternities at Dartmouth College. And while Psi Upsilon technically was founded first, we thoroughly beat them 7-4.

Unfortunately, we're still looking for the pictures of the actual family reception. We hope this picture of our house six flags trip is a suitable alternative:

(Front center, clockwise: Herman Bajwa, Jude Chiy, Islam Fayed, Christopher Takeuchi '09, Allen Zhang)

Yours in Kappa,

The Pillar and the Shield

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