Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pay your dues online!

An exciting link has been added (in the right column of the page) to the blog:

You can now pay your annual brotherhood dues online!

Click and submit for an easy transaction.

And remember, donations are always encouraged.
Please help our physical plant meet fire code regulations with your generosity.

Friday, December 05, 2008

The End of Our Term

It's been a fun term, and we will sorely miss the brothers of Kappa Kappa Kappa that will be off in the winter:

Adam Merber
Aditya Soni
Jon Adelson
Zachary Gottlieb
Connor Heinrich
Mark Heller
Danny Wiebicke
Jude Chiy
Chris Cain
Benja Wurzel
Alec Brodsky
Michael Abendroth
Blair Randall

We hope that they will warmly be welcome home in the spring.

As the term ended, brothers celebrated several events, including:

A Dance Party

A Brotherhood Thanksgiving Feast

McNuttz during reading period

and Study groups galore.

Have a great break, everyone! Don't forget to continue to look for updates!

Your Humble Blogger,

Zachary Gottlieb '10

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Younger Brothers

Last night we announced the older brothers of our new members. Much revelry was had by all.

(Alumni: Check to see who was added to your line!)

1. Bruce (Sean) T. Lee - Bobby Sakurai
2. Tyrell Jim - Jiles Pourier
3. Jinwoo Baik - Michael Brasher
4. Blair A. Randall - Valentino Wong
5. Cameron B. Sharman - Zach Gottlieb
6. Tan Chen - Norton Zhang
7. Daehyn An - Jude Chiy
8. Tanaka Mhambi - Adam Merber
10. Alec D. Brodsky - Mark Heller
11. John Mackay - Steve Ueng
12. Henry X. Yan - Joe Pena
13. Andrew Oppo - Zachary Zehner
14. Leonard M. Chang - Dexter Mackie
15. Jack W. Wang - Eric Larson
16. Dan Choi - Jamie Lee
17. Jeremiah M. Watchman - Islam Fayed
18. Conrad J. Whitaker - Shawn Hiner Leamon
19. Cletus (Michael) D. Abendroth - Aditya Soni
20. Travis H. Whitfield - Teddy Sinsheimer
21. Joseph M. Garagliano - Sam Kennedy
22. James M. H. Schlosstein - Kyle Diamond

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Love Hip Hop in Morocco

On Saturday evening, Tri-Kap, in concert with the Dickey Center, hosted a documentary screening of "I Love Hip Hop In Morocco," a film about a group of Moroccan artists planning a performance in their home town. The documentary detailed the cultural issues surrounding Hip Hop in their local community and more generally, and ended in shots of the actual concert.

The director discuss his film before showing it to the audience

The director was there to discuss his work, and hip-hop dance group UJIMA performed afterwards to cap off the night.

Taste of Africa catered the event.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Formally Fun

Our fall term formal was a great success!

The event started at the house, where brothers and their dates assembled for photo opportunities and some social mingling.

The '10s dressed to the nines

The majestic entrance to the Hartness House

Afterwards, all 108 of us took a half-hour bus ride to the Hartness House, in Springfield VT, whose halls were already decked with myriad holiday decorations.

Teddy Sinsheimer '10 and his date smile for the camera in front of a Christmas tree

Dinner was served immediately, and all of the guests jumped on the opportunity to partake of a sumptuous buffet feast.

Michael Brasher '10 and others finish up dinner before hitting the dance floor

The dance floor, adjacent to the dining room, soon opened up for intense dancing, led by DJ Chris Takeuchi '09.

The dancing is contagious

And while many of the details are too personal to be shared in a public forum, this was certainly a memorable night for everyone who was able to take part.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Brothers gather for elections
Yes we can!

We recently held elections for interim houseman, programming chair, and social chair.

Because houseman Mark Heller '10 will not be here in the winter, the brothers elected:

Jiles Pourier '09

Brother Jiles Pourier '09 nobly prepares for the winter

Programming chair Adam Merber '10 will likewise be off next term. He will be replaced by:

Islam Fayed '10

Social chair Zachary Gottlieb will be sorely missed. He will be replaced by:

Valentino Wong '10

We wish these brothers luck in their executive pursuits, and look forward to their benevolent regimes next term.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Unbroken Lock-In: Also, we're Floored!

Your humble blogger apologizes for the poor titular puns.

Lock-In was held this past weekend, November 8th. We started the day with the brotherhood tackle football game, in which the brothers soundly trumped the pledges, 4-1. Luckily, we had no injuries, except for the wounded pride of our new members.

Afterwards, brothers and pledges alike enjoyed a bounty of grilled BBQ food, and as it grew dark we all assembled in the G.O.T.E. room for our house discussion.

After our constructive discussion about brother-brother communication, our members participated in house meetings, which culminated in general revelry that went into the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday morning, our new members and winter pledges joined older brothers for a delicious breakfast as Ft. Lou's ("which was on the house," said our visibly upset treasurer). Breakfast was followed by an invigorating hike of Mt. Cardigan, which they scaled with athletic ease.

In other news, the pledge project for the term has been a smashing success. They have stained and coated the living room floor, and it now has a beautiful red oak sheen. The floor looks entirely new, and we applaud our new members' efforts.



In a sadder development, the brothers of Tri-Kap suffered a traumatizing loss in the IM soccer finals to FC Compton, a team entirely comprised of people not actually from Compton, LA. Although we wear the badge of defeat, we continue on the long, arduous journey of life, steeled against gloom, callous to shame, only embracing the warm glow of Kappa camraderie.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Community Building "Spooky," "Scary"

Kappa Kappa Kappa Fraternity, in what will become a perennial community tradition, hosted the 2nd annual Halloween Community Festival on Webster Avenue this past Friday, October 31.

Our programming chairs, Andrew Sloan '09 and Adam Merber '10 worked with Philanthropy Chair Joe Pena '10 to create an event that brought in hundreds of people from Hanover and Dartmouth. This well-coordinated affair involved several different Greek organizations, as well as involvement from Town Hall. Webster Avenue was shut down for the three hour event, and locals and students of all ages were invited to participate in myriad Halloween-related activities.

Beta, which has recently been reinstated at Dartmouth, hosted apple bobbing and a beanbag toss at their exquisitely kept physical plant. Phi Delt invited students to carve up as many pumpkins as they could (several dozen ghoulish pumpkins remain on 7 Webster's porch and balcony), while 99 Rock gave out saccharine goodies for eager Trick-or-Treaters who have a sweet tooth and a penchant for contemporary hard rock.

Moses fails to part the crowds in front of the house

The best house, by far, however, was our own. 1 Webster brimmed with children of assorted ages, drawn by our many activities. Our front lawn was home to a gigantic inflatable bouncy castle, which gave Hanover mothers an outlet for their hyperactive children's excess energy. Next to the castle, we provided passersby and guests with delicious snowcones, a chilling reception for the ensuing darkness and unrelenting frigidity of the Hanover winter.

Our bouncy castle watches over several costumed brothers

A costume contest was held inside our entrance foyer, as guests in all garbs vied for the envied prize of copious amounts of candy.

But all this paled in comparison to our Haunted House, which occupied our basement. A thorough renovation transformed our much loved microcosm of pong into a dark, dank world of unspeakable terror.

Guests entered through our rear door, passing spider webs (some real, some fake) and the skeletal remains of pong paddle handles broken on our back steps. Down into the dark dungeon they went, guided by a pledge in a skeleton mask, towards the unknown recesses of a monster's lair. But alas, a giant spider on a thread of its own making (a pulley system devised by our President Andrew Jean-Louis '09) shocked the arachnophobic with its fatal dance!

Into the middle room our guests crept warily to find a gravestone at the head of a lifeless body--- or so they thought. This fetid corpse (Sean Lee '11) soon came alive and screamed, to the sounds of pledges behind the bar hitting the walls with the concussive power of tortured souls. To the last room our shell-shocked guests crawled, only to see a pledge being murdered by his own brother, while another jumped from underneath A-table to strike fear into the hearts of the huddled masses.

Then we gave them candy by the stairs.

One local Hanover resident called it "spooky," while another called it positively "scary." One girl convulsed in tears; she could not be reached for comment. We considered her grief a necessary externality of a successful haunted house.

All in all, it was a fantastic event, and more evidence of our house's commitment to community service.

In that vein, several brothers joined together on Sunday, November 2, for the "Out of the Darkness" suicide prevention walk, a large event planned by brother Jude Chiy '10. This event was a great success, and his efforts clearly deserve praise and admiration from the brotherhood.

Andrew Sloan '09, the one of the organizers of the event, serves up a delicious snow cone.

Our pledges do their best to scare our guests, hopefully not something we do on a regular basis!

Timothy Leung 09, and Shawn Hiner-Leamon '09 share a laugh on the Kappa lawn after working hard all afternoon.

The lines were packed with both Dartmouth students and community members wanting to experience our haunted house.

Bobby Sakurai 09, judges the costume contest as Shawn Hiner-Leamon '09 and Valentino Wong '10 discuss logistics in the background.

Until tomorrow (the soccer finals),

Zachary Gottlieb '10, overdramatic blogger
Timothy Leung '09, kappa paparazzo

Soccer Victory, Part Deux!

Special Playoff Update Series, Part II of III

In a contentious victory, Tri-Kap defeated the behemoths of Theta Delta Chi in this week's Intramural semifinals, 2-1.

During this very rough, physical game, several proto-fights erupted which were quickly quashed by the less incensed players of both teams. The referee will most likely never be allowed at TDX ever again, although his judgments were fair and balanced.

Zachary Gottlieb '10 defends the goal from an approaching TDX wing

Tri-Kap scored its first goal on a penalty kick after a slide tackle trip in the box. Theta Delt answered with a penalty kick of its own after a near-goal trip. Tri-Kap ultimately won, though, with a goal independent of penalty shots.

Now we look to the finals, where we will face the AD-vanquishers, whose name escapes your humble blogger and our IM captain at this moment.

Till Monday, To Kappa Forever!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tri-Kap Hosts Hundreds

Our founders' contemporaries throw it down

Last night, Tri-Kap invited the entire campus to come see the Dog Day Players, an improvisational comedy group, and Sheba, a hip-hop dance troupe, to perform in our living room. Hundreds showed up to watch.

John Malanga '07's dog managed to sneak onto the Dog Day show (ironically), and managed to double the laughs from the audience.

Dog Day gets laughs from a discerning Dartmouth audience

Our new members surprised everyone with their own dance, to the tune of N*Sync's "I Want You Back," which thrilled everyone present. They have pretty good moves, just like Philbrick, Hobart, and Nash.

(L to R) Blair Randall '11, Conrad Whitaker '11, and Henry Yan '11 strut their stuff

(Center to R) Tanaka Mhambi '11, Alec Brodsky '11, and Travis Whitfield '11 make it work

The night was capped off with Sheba's titillating hip hop performance, which received a deafening roar from all of our entertained guests and brothers.

Sheba (including Dexter Mackie '08!) dances it up

Overall, it was a great programming event, thanks to the efforts of Dexter Mackie '08, our Sheba ambassador, and of course our programming chairs Andrew Sloan '09 and Adam Merber '10.

Soccer Victory!

Special Playoff Update

Tri-Kap's unstoppable soccer team cruised to victory in a 4-2 ousting of the poorly named "Soccer Team" in the Dartmouth College Intramural Soccer quarterfinals yesterday.

While we did allow two goals, these were most likely a result of our decision to mix up the field with new positions for some of our usual starters, and some new starts for some of our reliable bench warmers.

Goalie Eric Padegimas '09 makes an amazing save over an opposing forward as teammate Tanaka Mhambi '11 looks on

Our victory was tarnished, however, by unsportsmanlike conduct by the other team. A flagrant handball went ignored by "Soccer Team's" perpetrator, and his team's name will be etched in the Annals of Ignominious Play for all time.

This puts us in a good position to seize the Intramural trophy, as we look forward to taking on more experienced teams in next weekend's semifinals and finals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After an amazingly crowded dance party on Homecoming Friday, pledges and brothers worked for hours into the early morning to make sure the house sparkled for visiting alumni.

On Saturday, all Tri-Kap alumni were welcomed for a reception at 1 Webster after the homecoming football game.

A house barbeque was accompanied by an outdoor bar, tended by Matthew Brown '05, who taught pledges about excellent mixology and house history. James McKim '83, Board of Trustees Chair, made sure to meet the new brothers and show everyone plans for house renovations.

The event was an unmitigated success, and alumni and new brothers alike were made to feel at home.

Clearly, Kappa Kappa Kappa, with its infusion of new members and supportive alumni, is thriving.

Our brotherhood of more than 80 now looks forward to the future with unprecedented vigor and plans for a new era in Tri-Kap's improved physical plant.

Brother James McKim, KKK '83 imparts his knowledge

Matt Brown, KKK '05 tends the Kappa Bar

President Andrew Jean-Louis '09 having a laugh with Brothers Eric Larson '10 and Alex Borland '10

A Kappa gathering through and through

A little liquid courage...

Our pledges being educated in the ways and traditions of fair Kappa

1 Webster Ave.

Yours in Kappa,
Zachary Gottlieb '10 (blogger)
Timothy Leung '09 (photographer)

New Members

22 New Members are now a part of Kappa Kappa Kappa:

Alec D. Brodsky
Andrew J. Oppo
Cameron B. Sharman
Jack W. Wang
John R. Mackay
Michael D. Abendroth
Tanaka L. Mhambi
Travis H. Whitfield
Conrad J. Whitaker
Tan Chen
Blair A. Randall
Jinwoo Baik
James M.H. Schlosstein
Henry X. Yan
Joseph M. Garagliano
Leonard M. Chang
Sean T. Lee
Trent E. Carden '10
Daniel S. Choi
Tyrell Jim
Jeremiah M. Watchman
Daehyun An

This excellent group of gentlemen hails from all parts of the nation, with diverse backgrounds and campus involvement. We now that this solid group will become a fantastic addition to our fraternity's storied history.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two weeks of fun!

After blogger messed around with our account information, I was finally able to sign back on and post!

The past two weeks have been chock full of great programming events, and ended with a fantastic Lock-In.

On August 6, 13 brothers took a trip to Montreal to see Radiohead play at Parc Saint-Drapeau. The concert was fantastic, and Tri-Kaps followed it with a night at a dance club on Rue Saint-Laurent. Although it was a short stay, it was well worth the drive and expense.

On the Intramural sports front, Tri-Kap lost in the playoffs of soccer to the poorly named "Soccer Team." This motley crue of unaffiliated students may have one, but we boast a stronger sense of brotherhood.

Tri-Kap also succumbed to a strong Heorot intramural softball team, who beat us 3-2 in the semifinals. Although we didn't win any summer sports, we had very solid teams in every match.

Our Lock-In was held at Nunnemacher Cabin this past Saturday night. Brothers trekked up the mile-long trail up the Skiway to a wooden haven nestled in the wilderness. Over a roaring fire, brothers discusses important house issues and managed to unwind as night set in. They enjoyed campfire hot dogs, smores, and whatever else they could carry up the hill. After some guitar-playing and campfire games, Tri-Kaps hit the hay in the quaint cabin. Luckily, there were mattresses.

Yilong Jin '10 with our axe for splitting firewood.

Trouble starting the fire.

The lock-in discussion.

Nighttime revelry.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

An Exciting Week

What a week!

Today, Tri-Kap celebrated its third consecutive victory in intramural softball over SAE (11-5), which puts our team in the semifinals!

Zachary Gottlieb, Andrew Jean-Louis, Jude Chiy, Jon Adelson, Michael Brasher, Daniel Wiebicke, Adam Merber, Eric Larson, Teddy Sinsheimer, and Eric Padegimas made a great team!

At 6 PM, Fieldstock started off with a tug-of-war competition among teams. Tri-Kap's team, "We Are Warriors," made it to the semifinals.

Tonight, the brotherhood welcomed Shebalite, the school's most popular dance group, to perform in the living room. It was a huge success, and the living room has never looked more clean or more crowded.

A large group of brothers are leaving tomorrow for Montreal, where they'll be seeing Radiohead perform in Parc Saint John-Drapeau. It will be our summers most ambitious programming event, and the brothers are looking forward to a fantastic trip.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Busy Week

The parents of '10 brothers were warmly welcomed at our family reception this Friday. Afterwards, some intrepid fathers got a chance to play some pong and embrace what some regard the most important sport at Dartmouth.

As you can see in this picture of Teddy's father, skill is clearly genetic. The same goes for the undefeated Gottlieb team (below).

In other brotherhood news, our softball team had an AMAZING doubleheader yesterday. In the first game, a last-licks rally took the game into extra innings against AXA, who succumbed to the superior offensive momentum of our team. 9-6 Trikap.

Here's our fantastic team:

Adam Merber
Teddy Sinsheimer
Connor Heinrich
Andrew Jean-Louis '09
Zachary Gottlieb
Michael Brasher
Jon Adelson
Eric Larson
Danny Wiebicke

The next game, against Psi Upsilon, was a battle of the first fraternities at Dartmouth College. And while Psi Upsilon technically was founded first, we thoroughly beat them 7-4.

Unfortunately, we're still looking for the pictures of the actual family reception. We hope this picture of our house six flags trip is a suitable alternative:

(Front center, clockwise: Herman Bajwa, Jude Chiy, Islam Fayed, Christopher Takeuchi '09, Allen Zhang)

Yours in Kappa,

The Pillar and the Shield

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

This has been another great summer week for the Trikap '10s of 08x.

The brotherhood took a house trip to see "The Dark Knight" at the Hooksett IMAX, which was incredible. Although the theater was over an hour away, the aesthetic brilliance of Christopher Nolan's direction, and the powerful and dark portrayal of the Joker by Heath Ledger made it well worth the journey.

Unfortunately, rain canceled a house trip to the ledges. However, there is no doubt that it will be rescheduled.

This weekend promises to impress the parents of Kappa Kappa Kappa. A reception for parents will be held in our living room on Friday evening, and all brothers are encouraged to come with their families.

Unfortunately, the amazing talent of the Trikap intramural soccer team was quashed by the combined efforts of Chi Heorot's and Alpha Xi's motley crue of misfits. Our brothers played nobly --- however, their offensive efforts fell far short of their defensive ones. Two goals could not match the "Orange Iguanas'" five. We shall persevere, however, in coming matches with a renewed sense of enthusiasm

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In addition

And don't forget our wonderful spring class photo!
166 years of well-dressed sons of Dartmouth!

Great house additions!

Thanks to prudent decision making by brothers Andrew Jean-Louis '09, Valentino Wong '10, Justin Tzou ;10 and Christopher Takeuchi '09, we finally have a propane grill for our brothers' use.

This grill is phenomenal; it responds beautifully, cooks evenly and makes house cookouts a breeze. While coal imparts a more smoky and natural flavor to grilled meats, our two smokers tended to be unreliable (and brothers often forget to purchase the necessary coal).

Our wonderful new grill has already been used at inter-house BBQ's with Gamma Delta Chi and Chi Gamma fraternities.

We can thank Mark Heller '10, Christopher Takeuchi '09 and your humble blogger (Zachary Gottlieb '10) for taking the initiative to purchase letters for the front of our house. They look beautiful, and identify us as the first (and most revered) fraternity on Webster Avenue.

Also, the '10 class has made an incredible effort to reorganize and clean the attic. Although we lack pristine photos of this Herculean achievement, it is truly a most impressive feat. Brothers have found myriad items of house history (including old stationery, musical instruments, tons of textbooks and black books), and plan to reap the benefits of this bevy of inherited booty.