Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Dartmouth Homecoming

This past weekend was Dartmouth's Homecoming Weekend.On Friday night we threw a sick party- the house was packed from wall-to-wall, and the line to get in went all the way out to the street. Our in-house DJ's, Bibhu Mainali '07 and A.J. "Bootz" Chammas '07, kicked it with a guest appearance by the legendary Alex Taylor '04. With a handful of houses on probation, it was up to Tri-Kap to hold it down for frat row on Friday, and hold it down we did.

On Saturday, after a massive house cleanup in the aftermath of the party, we hosted an Alumni Open House Reception from 3-6 PM. Brothers grilled, alumni came by, and the youngest Tri-Kaps had an opportunity to meet with Tri-Kaps of earlier years and their families.

Those in attendance included (not a complete list):

Greg Dingus '89
Alex Taylor '04
Rajiv Dhar '06
Chris Vale '06
Riad Khan '05
Harold Bae '05
Peter Cucchiara '06
Eisho Porter '06
Stu Leung '05
Walter Shin '06
Chris Castonguay '96
Young Lee '03
Don Barr '46
Michael Stafford '91
Josh Valdez '05
Paul Rosania '05
George Gorospe '06
Yu Kawakami '06
Jeff Iacono '05
Hai Gi Li '99
Bob Bysshe '63
Dick Swett '63
Ted Suess '63
Nannan Hu '06
Jason Lee '05
Aaron Zwintscher '05
Rich Harvey '71
Eric Lineback '90

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tri-Kap Rush is a Success!!

The Brothers of Kappa Kappa Kappa are proud to announce a successful rush this year of 16 new members! This brings our total membership up to approximately 70 current undergraduates.
We were also honored by the attendance of David Andryc '82 at Rush on Saturday evening at 1 Webster Avenue. Thank you David!